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ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system reduces mess and waste


Those disposable powder scoops that come with your bag of protein powder or baby’s box of formula just don’t cut it anymore. They’re flimsy, spill easily, and end up in landfills. But now you can avoid all that with the ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system. Reuseable, sealable, and mess-free, this cool new powder scoop makes mixing up your favorite drinks on the go so much easier. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about it.

Mix your morning protein shake right at your office or gym without any mess when you have the ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system. This cool powder scoop accurately dispenses powdered ingredients like protein powder, baby formula, ground coffee, and more into any container. We’ve all been there. You decide to get a beat on the day by skipping breakfast at home and instead plan to make a healthy protein shake at work. The trouble is, the scoop that came with your protein powder is small and not very stable. While you measure, half of the protein powder spills onto your desk—and then your boss walks in. Making a shake should be a stress-free experience, and the creators of the ZoopScoop couldn’t agree more.

You’ve never seen a protein scoop quite like the ZoopScoop. This cool powder scoop is a kitchen gadget in its own right, thanks to features like a durable design, sealable lid, and rotating interior paddle. Measuring lines let you measure the perfect volume, and the sealable lid allows you to seal off the powder so you can take it on the go. With features like these, this is a powder scoop you’re going to want to use all the time.

ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system in a video

Check out these super practical features

The ZoopScoop comes packed with features that will make you want to never use included scoops forever. Let’s check them out.

Extendable handle

Sometimes you have to dig deep into the crevices of the protein powder bag or box of baby formula to measure properly. In the process, it’s easy for your hand to touch the powder and transfer dirt and germs to the powder. The ZoopScoop’s extendable handle, however, keeps your hand farther from the powdered ingredient, avoiding unwanted contact.

Measuring lines

You can measure accurate ingredient amounts of any powder with the ZoopScoop, thanks to the clearly marked measuring lines on the side of the gadget. Both the large (70 ml) and small (20 ml) designs let you measure precise amounts in increments of 10.

Rotating paddle

This cool powder scoop’s most noteworthy feature is its rotating paddle. It’s built right into the scoop’s barrel and, when you turn it, it helps dispense powder into any container without making a mess. It also keeps your drink-making process hygienic because you won’t have to dig your finger into the scoop to remove any stubborn last granules.

Sealable lid

A sealable lid enables you to store that precisely-measured powder right in the scoop and take it with you on the go. So for that office protein shake, you can just toss this cool measuring scoop with your premeasured protein powder right into your backpack or briefcase. And for excursions with the baby, pack it in the diaper bag.

No-spill funnel

Remember when your protein powder spilled all over your desk? That won’t happen with the ZoopScoop. That’s because the bottom portion of the scoop is actually a tiny funnel. It ensures your powders dispense in a steady stream right into the bottle you’ve chosen.

Cool powder scoop: ZoopScoop with a baby

This is one eco-friendly powder scoop

Not only does the ZoopScoop eliminate the need to use disposable plastic scoops, but it’s also completely recyclable. That’s right; each part of this reusable scoop can be used to make new plastic. And if you don’t know how to recycle, the company’s Kickstarter page says you can send the scoop back to the company and it’ll do it for you.

This cool powder scoop makes it easier to whip up your favorite drinks ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system
ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system with coffee

Make your powdered ingredients last longer

Have you ever noticed how quickly you go through a bag of protein powder or coffee for your breakfast drinks? And those products aren’t cheap. The company’s Kickstarter page estimates that most included scoops use 25% more than the recommended amount of powder. The ZoopScoop, however, lets you measure the precise amount of powder you need. This, in turn, makes your supplies last longer and keeps you healthier.

This cool powder scoop makes it easier to whip up your favorite drinks ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system
ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system during a workout

Use this intelligent scooping system in the kitchen

This cool powder scoop isn’t just great for on-the-go drinks; it’s an indispensable kitchen tool. That’s because you can use it to accurately measure sugar, flour, baking powder, and salt. It has lines for both milliliters and tablespoons, letting you whip up a cake as a reward for all those healthy protein shakes.

This cool powder scoop makes it easier to whip up your favorite drinks ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system
ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system close up

This reusable powder scoop is great for baby formula

If you’re a parent, you know how messy baby formula can be. The ZoopScoop makes measuring formula simple when you’re out and about. Whether you’re embarking on a family trip or just an afternoon out, this scoop lets you have the exact amount of formula you need at the ready. And since the gadget is airtight and spill-proof, you have fewer things to stress about.

This cool powder scoop makes it easier to whip up your favorite drinks ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system
Cool powder scoop: ZoopScoop with users

The ZoopScoop really is the ideal kitchen gadget. It helps you measure precisely, keeps your hands away from the ingredient, seals the powder, and dispenses it without a mess. The design, too, is pretty fun with the translucent plastic material and red cap and seal. For anyone who takes powders on the go and/or wants to measure their baking ingredients more accurately without spills, this is a product you’ll reach for all the time. Finally, it’s a reusable alternative to disposable scoops, so it’s a purchase you can feel good about.

You can preorder the ZoopScoop intelligent scooping system for $13.90 on Kickstarter. Do you currently own any reusable kitchen gadgets that you love? Tell us about them in the comments.

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