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You owe yourself the convenience of this $13 Kasa smart plug deal for Prime Day


Home automation is both awesome and easy, provided you use the right stuff. Trust me, I’ve tried it both the hard way and the easy way and the most awesome way is when you just plug stuff in, follow a few simple instructions, and it all just works. Prime Day is the right day to get started doing it the easy way!

And that’s exactly the experience you’ll have with Kasa’s simple smart plugs. You don’t have to pull anything apart or wire anything because they plug right into the outlet that’s already on your wall and their tiny footprint makes them perfect for places like behind the couch or the dresser, which is exactly where I use them. Pair them with something like an Echo Dot or another of the Prime Day Amazon device deals going on and it’s like magic.

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Set things up in a spot where you can easily touch the single button and see the color of the light, then move them anywhere thanks to integration in the Google Home or Amazon apps, where you can give them a proper name and assign them to a room. They really are one of the best Smart Plugs for Alexa and Google Assistant. As a bonus, the Kasa Smart App also lets you control things with a simple tap if you just aren’t into setting up a full smart home solution but still want a plug you can turn on and off without reaching for the cord.

You’ll find about a million smart products that are Wi-Fi equipped and ready to work with your phone or your smart speaker. But you also have a bunch of “dumb” things that still work exactly the way you want them to and throwing them away is just silly. That’s where smart plugs come in to save the day.

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A smart plug can only do two things: turn on and turn off. The trick is having them turn on and off when you want or need them to, and that’s why integration with something like Google Assistant and a great app for your phone is super important. And Kasa shines in that department.

The stand-alone app is feature-rich with the ability to set multiple on and off cycles throughout the day as well as a one-tap button to turn things on or off. Your Kasa account also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant so you can build custom routines or even just yell across the house when you want to turn on something like a fan or the Christmas tree lights (trust me, you want a smart plug for those tree lights). You don’t even need to buy any sort of hub.

Best of all, they plug right into the existing outlet on your wall so there is no wiring involved. Even if you know what you’re doing, pulling out a receptacle and replacing it can be a pain, so Kasa offers a much better solution.

I’ve tried just about every brand of smart plug on the market, and these are the ones I use every single day. If you’re looking for some smarts for the dumb things in your life or just want to play around with a little home automation, I can totally recommend these Kasa plugs at this great price.

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