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Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors – the need and Benefits

Role of Yoga in Cancer Patients

Cancer is undoubtedly a deadly disease and it is very hard to cope up with the same. 60% treatment and 40% luck may save cancer patients, but we shouldn’t lose hope at any cost.

Yoga as we all know an ancient or 5000-year-old practice of linking breathing to body movement to create an overall sense of well-being and balance.

Yoga has been practiced by people of all ages in any physical condition and today it is very popular as everybody knows that it offers positive results. As it is one of the oldest known mind-body practices originated in India and has been reported that yoga promotes relaxation – lower down stress, anxiety, and fatigue, hence best for eliminating the risk of the deadly diseases as well as to avoid the negative effects and promote mental balance.

A lot of diagnosis and treatment of cancer poses severe psychological and physical distress that impacts the functional quality of life. Various people have been seen when they undergo the therapy they start hating the same and don’t want to be a part of the same anymore.

Well, therapies are important as such treatments are the best in terms with the tumor-killing but very stressful. A person struggling with the cancer disease is always in great fear of death, pain, and the time is very vulnerable for them, hence they really need to be very strong and remain confident in order to get rid of the issues.

With the power of yoga, one can plan to reduce treatment-related distress and improve quality of life which will help them in offering positive thinking or they may live their life having great peace and fun. Join yoga training in Rishikesh and surround yourself with the calm and peace of Yoga practice.

There is nothing better medicine than Yoga as it is one such mind-body intervention that is gaining popularity among cancer patients, however, no matter who you are- whether a cancer patient, survivor or caregivers, it is must to opt yoga and attain amazing benefits of the same.

With the regular practice of yoga, anybody, especially the cancer patients and survivors will be able to balance body, mind, and spirit and will always stay positive. With regular practice, yoga’s benefits for them are many, including-

  • A great improvement in a sense of well-being
  • They learn amazing relaxation and stress-reducing techniques
  • Reduction of fatigue, pain, and discomfort
  • Get great relief from anxiety
  • Stay positive

Many yoga centers provide weekly classes, which are specifically designed for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers where they meet up with other cancer patients and general individuals, undergo with gentle restorative yoga poses, learn amazing breathing techniques, meditation, and deep relaxation or yogic sleep is there to take them to a calm state.

All these procedures are very important for those who are going through with the deadly disease and other serious conditions to stay positive and divert their minds. Also a great communication, fun in the class, and other various fruitful activities in the yoga center will give them a ray of hope along with a lot of happiness and peace.

Importance of pro and experienced yoga center is important to get the best yoga teachers who have a deep understanding of patients who are going through different stages in their treatment and only they are the one can adjust the class and procedures to meet their needs.

It is high time for cancer patients to get started with the yoga classes for great sleep, eliminating stress and pain, improve the appetite and to be happy. Pros ensure to make the size of the class small so that the patients and other learners can facilitate close attention from the instructor.

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