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Xiaomi’s $22 Redmi band is a first step to fitness — literally


I’ve been exercising regularly during this pandemic. Honestly, that’s the only thing I’ve been regular at and I haven’t needed an app or a fitness band to remind me to work out.

However, since I’m at home all the time, I’m not clocking as many steps. And since I started using Xioami’s Redmi band, I became conscious of that fact.

Walking is basic fitness, and if you’re someone who is looking to begin the fitness journey without spending a king’s ransom, this ₹1,599 ($22) band is a great starter.

It has a heart rate sensor, can act as your notification mirror, and has 14-hours battery life. I’ve been using it for the last few days, and if you want to do bare minimum fitness, this is a great buy.

Design and features

The Redmi band has a 1.08-inch rectangular screen with touch controls. The panel is not super responsive like smartphones; you’ll have to put a little bit more pressure to work through the options smoothly. And you’ll get used to it in a day or so.

At the outset, it looked chunky but sat comfortably on my wrist, and I carried on wearing it for the duration of the day. However, I won’t wear it through the night just to track sleep in this humid Delhi weather. Thankfully, the band is waterproof, so you can wear it while taking a shower or in the rain.