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Xbox controller vs. PlayStation DualSense: Old reliable or new hotness?


If you already have a powerful gaming PC, buying a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X might not make much sense. They’re pricey, and many of their games are already available on PC. But buying a new controller to play some of those games on PC is a different story. A new controller can give you a taste of that next-gen excitement for a lot less money.

For the last week I’ve been playing games with the new Xbox Series X/S controller as well as the PlayStation DualSense, which has been grabbing attention thanks to its new haptic motors. They’re both great—here’s the rundown of how they compare, what they each do especially well, and how easy they are to use with a PC today.

New Xbox controller and DualSense: The basics

Features Xbox controller DualSense
Haptics Yes, and “Impulse” triggers More powerful and nuanced motors, and “Adaptive” triggers
Motion sensor No Gyroscope + accelerometer
Microphone No Yes
Speaker No Yes
Headphone jack 3.5mm (and “expansion” port) 3.5mm
Battery 2x AA 1,560 mAh rechargeable
New buttons Share, reworked D-Pad Mic mute
Wireless tech Xbox Wireless Radio (console), Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth 5.1
Weight 292.5 grams 282.5 grams
Price $60/£55 $70/£59

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