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WoW’s speedy leveling is great, but it makes it harder to feel like a hero

WoW's speedy leveling is great, but it makes it harder to feel like a hero 2

I’ve focused on one character in the 16 years since WoW launched. My tauren warrior, Moovine (great name, I’ll not have a word said against it), has seen stuff that would make your shell curl. He’s killed gods, defeated some of Azeroth’s more sinister foes, saved the planet numerous times, and generally been what you’d call a hero. A champion. He’s also murdered a lot of Alliance players (64,559 apparently) and been a complete dick on more than one occasion, but we won’t hold that against him. 

He’s not my only toon though. I have plenty of other characters that are at various stages of their own heroic journeys, although I’m getting the feeling that these heroic deeds aren’t really needed if you want to impress in WoW anymore. Any young pup can rock up and take on the next villain, olde god, or Horde-leader-turned-bad it would seem. There’s no background checks, tests of mettle. Nothing. 

Since the levelling overhaul I went back to a freshly dinged level 10 panda I created years ago, but never got round to playing, and I was somewhat amazed that I could go straight to Zandalar. I’m happy about that, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the fact that I was treated like a kick ass hero from the off. That little panda had done absolutely nothing at this point to warrant being referred to as a ‘hero’ or ‘champion’. I left it on the dockside in my confusion.

A Death Knight wondering why they’re still in Zandalar. (Image credit: Blizzard)

I’ve pushed a few of my ignored toons up to level 50 since the pre-patch dropped. I dragged my hilariously-named Death Knight, she’s called Keerah, as in… you know… Kiera (Death) Knightley (i’ll get my coat), through the start of the latest expansion. That includes kicking off the whole Heart of Azeroth quest chain, throwing myself around the islands, despatching various baddies, and generally being a nuisance. 

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