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Work from anywhere: The future has begun


Necessity is the mother of invention — this has been proven in the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced multiple nations into lockdowns to protect their citizens. This meant massive disruptions to our work life as we knew it — attending physical office became impossible. Yet, the rapidity with which the world responded — America saw work from home (WFH) employees growing from under seven percent of its work force to over 45% in mid-2020 — has been revolutionary. Digital technology empowered this transition, and remote work’s benefits have only grown.

Employees appreciate its flexibility — a study found 88% Indian employees prefer work from home — and companies see rising productivity. The model, adopted in stress and swiftness, has in fact worked out so well that post-pandemic too, the World Economic Forum finds, employers are ready to give at least 44% of employees work from anywhere (WFA) options.

Such remote working is the next logical step in a globalised world, its flexibility easing international collaborations and expanding global talent pools. Remote work is also an equaliser, contoured not by our location but by internet quality.

Most remarkably, work from anywhere has the power to reshape old understandings of work, employees and companies now connecting in meetings of the mind and fusions of creativity, rather than the previous approach of physical attendance, hierarchical communication and hours spent within office buildings.

However, this has potential drawbacks too. It highlights the plight of those who don’t have such flexibility, including frontline professionals and many in manufacturing and service industries.

It accentuates the double shift women face, managing both official and domestic responsibilities. Such drawbacks could entrench inequalities. Yet, as ET Evoke’s global experts emphasise, with awareness — managers, for instance, should be sensitive to promotion biases against remote work — such drawbacks can be successfully navigated. Technology will aid this journey, with innovations like hologram glasses, adding data to all you see, available soon. Even the loneliness many employees feel working remotely could be addressed by augmented reality, bringing people virtually together.

Join ET Evoke on an exploration of the future of work, which has begun, with millions making history, quietly from a home office.

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