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Winners and Losers of the Week: Motorola Edge S is promising, Huawei out of the big league


With another week gone, its time we take a look at all the major tech happenings this week and choose our winners and losers. While we had many contenders for winners this week, picking loser was a tad more difficult this time around. Looks like everything was largely ‘good’ in the world of tech this week. 

Upon looking hard enough, I did figure that Huawei – which hasn’t had a great 2020 – will make it as our loser for this week since it no longer ranks among the top smartphone makers on the planet. Our winner for this week is Motorola thanks to its curious new smartphone called the Motorola Edge S which might just turn out to be the most talked-about affordable flagship of his quarter.

But before we talk about our winners and losers, here’s a brief lowdown on what happened in the world of tech in the past seven days.

For most of you, the Gamestop Saga will easily be the most talked-about events of this week – if not this year. However, I am not quite sure how well it fits into the realm of consumer-tech and to be very honest, am still trying to understand what it is all about myself. Nevertheless, I do understand that it was a big enough event to deserve a mention in this winners and losers piece. At this point, I am not even sure who the actual ‘winners’ or ‘losers’ are in this scenario. But hey, we did mention it, OK?

Sony is another brand that made waves this week. Things started off after an image of an Xperia ‘Compact’ smartphone appeared and it seems we will soon see the launch of an interesting ‘compact’ phone from the troubled  Japanese smartphone brand. This week also saw the launch of the Sony Xperia Pro which with its crazy price tag of USD 2,500 makes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the iPhone 12 Max Pro look like bargains.

Sony Xperia Pro
The Sony Xperia Pro costs an eye-popping USD 2499 / © Sony

Another important piece of news came from the European Union, which is pushing forward a plan that could force manufacturers to start using uniform charging cables and power supply units for smartphones and other devices. This is something that could actually have a positive impact on the environment. Interested? Read more about it here. While you are at it, do not forget to read the Slack Fight between Ben and Antoine where they debate this contentious issue about chargers and the environment.

Other important bits from last week include Carl Pei finally announcing ‘Nothing’, Xiaomi and Motorola taking the first steps towards truly wireless charging, and the Realme 7i launching in Europe.

Let us now turn our attention to our Winners and Losers

Motorola Edge S: A flagship smartphone for under EUR 300?

moto edge s google 2
The Motorola Edge S / © Google

Now, I know this isn’t huge news in Europe yet, but I do think the launch of the new Motorola Edge S in China earlier this week was quite an important event. With a starting price of just over EUR 250, the Motorola Edge S offers compelling spec-sheet and a host of features that you’d generally only expect on phones that go for a lot more money. In Asia, the phone is already being hailed as the POCO F1 of 2021. Apart from coming powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, the phone gets a 90Hz display, has a 5000mAh battery, gets a 64MP primary camera, and dual front-facing cameras. That’s a lot of phone for very little money. The sad thing? We still do not know how long it will take Motorola to bring this out of China.

Huawei out of the big league

There is no denying that the past two years have been disastrous for Huawei. The company, which overtook Apple last year to become the world’s second-largest smartphone maker after Samsung finds itself out of the top 5 smartphone makers list. This is as per the latest data from Counterpoint Research and Canalys. All is not lost, though. This week also saw a glimmer of hope for the company after reports came in about the likelihood of the new Biden administration looking at a possible review of the ban. If this happens, we might as well see Huawei bounce back. However, with its Honor wing already sold, such a revival isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Do you agree with our picks for the winners and losers for this week? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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