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What is it? A complex strategy card game with a birding theme.
Expect to pay $16/£13.59
Release date Out now
Monster Couch
Monster Couch
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AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAM
Local and online competitive.
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If you’re anywhere near board game culture then you’ve probably heard about Wingspan. This gently thematic strategy card game about running a wildlife preserve for birds has drawn near-universal acclaim from critics and a hype train that can’t help but draw attention. Don’t let the theme deceive you, Wingspan is a game of economic strategy that can get quite complex. None of that matters when a game makes the move to digital, however. Any game can go poorly if it’s not well ported—but Wingspan is flying high as it arrives on the PC. It’s visually stunning, with beautiful audio design, charming animations, stunning attention to detail, and a layout that serves the experience of playing on a PC over mimicking the tabletop game. 

Simply put, Wingspan is the new gold standard for a board game adaptation.

(Image credit: Monster Couch)

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