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Win one of four smart home accessory bundles from Govee (US)


Happy January, everyone! To help kick off 2021 in the best way possible, the innovative smart LED lighting company Govee has partnered up with us to deliver our first contest of the new year. We’re giving away four smart home accessory bundles that each contain Govee’s new Aura lamp, the Flow Pro Light Bars, and the Govee Bluetooth meat thermometer. Here’s everything you need to know.

Win one of four smart home accessory bundles from Govee (US) 2

The Aura table lamp is the perfect decorative light for your bedroom or living room. It comes with 20 preset lighting effects like Fire, Ocean, Aurora, Rainbow, and Sunrise, and you can unleash your creativity by customizing the 16-million-color palette yourself. A built-in microphone lets Aura make your music shine thanks to four rhythmic music modes. And if you’d prefer not to be woken up by the harsh sounds of your alarm, you can use Aura as a visual alarm that gradually gets brighter. The smart lamp can be controlled via the Govee Home app and supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

Win one of four smart home accessory bundles from Govee (US) 3

The Flow Pro Light Bars aren’t too different from the Aura. They upgrade any of your screens with ambient backlighting. To do that, you mount a beautifully designed sensor on top of your TV or gaming monitor that recognizes and processes the colors seen on-screen. It connects with the two LED bars that you can either mount on the back or position anywhere close to your display thanks to some included stands. The Flow Pro Light Bars can alternatively be used standalone with 12 scenes and music modes. You can adjust the lights anytime via the Govee app as well as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Win one of four smart home accessory bundles from Govee (US) 4

The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer makes preparing meat as simple as possible thanks to tons of smarts. You can remotely monitor the temperature on your phone via Bluetooth — no need to stay in the kitchen while you prep some slow cook meat. If you want to take your eyes off your phone, you can also set up alerts for a preset temperature range. The Govee app also comes with 14 temperature recommendations for six types of food.

The contest will run from January 12, 2021 until 11:59PM Pacific Time on January 18, 2021. Four winners will be selected to receive smart home accessory bundles from Govee. This contest is open to participants in the United States.

Govee Smart Home Bundle (US)

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