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Why WoW: Shadowlands’ biggest feature could make or break this expansion


Many of the biggest choices in World of Warcraft happen during character creation. I’ve spent hours debating myself over which class or race to play, but few other choices in World of Warcraft, like what gear to wear, is as meaningful because the answer is often so obvious. It’s a consequence of Blizzard having to constantly trim features to stop its 16-year-old MMO from collapsing in on itself, and despite efforts to inject interesting choices into how you customize your character at endgame, WoW just always feels a little too straight forward. But Shadowlands, the upcoming expansion, might be Blizzard’s most concerted effort to bring actual, game-changing character customization back to its MMO—but not everyone is convinced it’ll work.

Deal with the Devil

Suddenly, World of Warcraft is starting to sound a little bit more like Path of Exile. That’s a good thing.

When players hit level 60 in Shadowlands, they’ll have to make a crucial choice to enlist with one of four Covenants. Each represents one of Shadowlands’ main factions: The vampiric Venthyr, the Necrolords of Maldaxxus, the whimsical Night Fae, or the divine Kyrians. These Covenants are almost as important as deciding whether you’re in the Alliance or the Horde, as each has a distinct aesthetic and tons of unique options both in how you look and play.

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