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Why it is Essential to Keep Eye on Employee Social Circle?

Why it is Essential to Keep Eye on Employee Social Circle? 1

When it comes to monitoring, most of the employees think that their organization does not trust them. Some organizations have this mentioned in their offer letter that they will be keeping an eye on employees’ activities on the computer and the provided phones for communication. After reading that, some employees feel that the organization is not in the mood of building trust. Even they begin to think that they are not going to stay there for long.

Well, these all assumptions are from the employees’ perspective. Ever asked an employer that why would they need to keep an eye on the employees’ social circles?

Some business management experts agree that keeping an eye on the social circle of employees is not just beneficial to the organization. Instead, it is also fruitful for the employees. For instance, a woman gets a message on her Facebook account from an unknown person asking for her private pictures. Though, she might not be able to identify that person. All she could do is block that contact. But again she gets a similar message from another unknown account. The activity goes on until she changes her Facebook account. On the other hand, if the employer were keeping an eye on the social circles, they would have been able to identify the harasser.

Just like that, there are plenty of other things that go around in the offices. Keeping an eye on them can help the employer and employee form a staunch bond.

Why It Is Essential to Keep Eye on Employees’ Social Circles?

There are plenty of things that benefit employers by keeping an eye on employees’ activities. Here we have them aligned, and later we will be discussing how to monitor.

Error Identification: Some employees are not enough confident to tell their managers or the employer that they have committed an error. Errors are involuntary, that happen unintentionally. However, employees that lack confidence tend to share those errors with their friends on social networks, asking them for the solution.Employee monitoring app can enable the managers and employers to find any such issue and help the employee. In addition to that, this can help the bond between the employer and employee to strengthen. It is also very helpful for your business privacy. No one can spoil your business secret with OgyMogy.

Reward Spree: Rewards are a part of employees’ progress. Keep on rewarding your employees and they will flourish. Further, plenty of inexperienced guys are hesitant in sharing their strengths and success. If they accomplish any short target, they do not share with their managers and the boss, thinking they may not appreciate it. At times, the results even take long, and in the meanwhile, the employee turns out to any other organization. Certainly, the organization losses a good employee. In the presence of a monitoring system, employers can find that an employee made progress is reluctant to share. After finding that, if an employer rewards the employee and helps his confidence it will enable the organization to retain a good team.

Safety: Above all, keeping an eye on the social circles of employees is all about safety. Several cases happen in officeslike the one mentioned above. Despite having a safe environment, harassment remains there. It is indeed a human phenomenon, and as long as humans are not able to control their lust, harassment will happen. Well, employers can ensure that every employee is safe. And that is what they can do with the help of monitoring software.

Policy Violation: Once an employer is on the verge of making the workplace safe, it becomes easier to find the black sheep. With the same method, employers and managers can identify the policy violators and do the needful to ensure safety at the office.

How to Monitor?

Monitoring employees’ social circle is easier with OgyMogy. It is a professionally designed digital monitor that tracks activities on computers as well as mobile phones. Employers can bring it to action and find detail on many hidden aspects. Further, OgyMogy is all about helping the employers toughen their business operations and make the workplace safe for everyone. Indeed, safer the workplace, comfortable employees be.

Well, if your workplace is having difficulty for the female employees, or you have just recently learned that someone is playing a con on you, then you need OgyMogy.

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