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Why I love the subtle domestic dread of Anatomy

Why I love the subtle domestic dread of Anatomy 2

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When I was a kid there was nothing more terrifying than a dark basement. I vividly remember the dread I’d feel having to go down into the darkness to fetch something, those awful steps between the edge of the upstairs light and the basement light switch that loomed just in the darkness. 

Each time I’d head upstairs, I’d hit that switch and scramble for the steps—scared that whatever might be lurking in the darkness would grab me if I were too slow. That was all a funny memory to me as an adult, but then, a few years ago, I played Anatomy by indie game developer Kitty Horrorshow. All those fears came flooding back, and it took me weeks before I felt comfortable being alone in my own basement.

(Image credit: Kitty Horrorshow)

Just like the basement in my childhood home, though, Anatomy shouldn’t be a game that scares me as much as it does. The idea is simple: you explore a dark, empty suburban house collecting cassette tapes that you play on a recorder found in the kitchen. The whole thing is presented through the lo-fi noise of a VHS tape, giving the oppressively dark hallways and mundane furniture of the home a hair-raising sense of movement as they jitter and distort ever so slightly. 

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