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Why does Netflix want to get into games now?


When the story about Netflix “getting into games” dropped last Friday, I tweeted that (a) I had no idea what to think of this, and (b) I didn’t want to speculate. In the days since, I’ve been chatting with friends in high places in the gaming business. There’s not much in the way of facts out there even among the gossip-elite, but I now have a working theory that feels pretty sound. 

Guest columnist Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

(Image credit: Colin Campbell)

This article originally appeared in Colin Campbell’s newsletter How Games Are Changing the World. Colin has written for gaming publications including Edge Magazine, Polygon, and IGN.

Netflix understands that it has reached saturation in terms of subscriptions. And with competition from the likes of Disney and HBO Max, the tried-and-trusted strategy of increasing prices is pretty much played out. Any attempt to try to sell a premium subscription for, say, early content, is likely to be met with howls of protest and / or mass unsubscriptions. Premium content is needed all the time, and at the best quality, just to maintain steady growth. 

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