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Who did you romance in Mass Effect?


We’ve seen in the latest trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition that the remaster makes Thane’s lips at least 80 percent more kissable. Perhaps dangerously so. All of the characters have been visually upgraded of course, but there’s a lot more focus on the popular companions for the obvious reason. Which one did you romance when you played the triology for the first time? And do you plan on pursuing them again in HD? If you refused to date anyone on board your ship because it would be an HR nightmare do tell us all about that instead.

Who did you romance in Mass Effect?

Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.


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James Davenport: Tali, and I can’t even tell you why. I remember so little about the plot and her character that I can only infer why I chose Tali based on what I knew about myself as a dumb 22 year old. The mask. Can’t see her face. Up to my imagination. Manic pixie mist girl. A lot of people tell me she was a boring character, but I was and still might be a pretty boring person, so it all checks out. Anyway, I like her suit and I guess gas masks look cool enough that they might cross over into attraction territory for me, subconsciously or something. I always chose the Pyro in TF2, pretty sure I used to draw that kinda shit on my trapper keepers in high school too. Clearly something was going on there, but I’ll need a few therapy sessions before I can tell you what. 

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