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Where to Start When Organizing Your Home

Where to Start When Organizing Your Home 1

The best way to start cleaning and organizing your house is to get up and start. Pick something up and put it away, right? We live in a world where messy spaces are inevitable. Often, you might find yourself stressed. A cluttered home can cause stress. It influences how you feel because it can be quite distracting. This distraction makes it difficult to relax. 

There are different strategies to choose from to keep an organized home. Your goal is to create storage spaces for places you use most often like your living room or kitchen. Preparing storage spaces is crucial. They allow you to store unnecessary things away with ease. Here are some other effective strategies you can use to have a clutter free home.

How do you start cleaning and organizing your house?

Set goals and make a plan. Write down all the rooms filled with clutter. Test on a scale of 1 – 3 (1 being the least cluttered) based on the severity of the mess. Some rooms like a closet would get a 3. This prioritizes your time. It is also important to organize one space at a time. 

Create a sorting system for the items you find. The most popular organization method is the “Three-Box Method.” Gather three bins or boxes and label them as follows: Keep, Toss, and Store. As mentioned before, storage spaces are the best place to begin. When you find shoes, books, papers, clothing, and appliances, you will have space for them. Then, you are well on your way for a tidy and clutterfree. Start tackling simple projects like your closet or a corner of your room. What happens next?

In what order should you clean your house?

After organizing small spaces, start organizing shared spaces. Shared areas are next because they are the most used areas in your home. Begin with the kitchen, then the foyer, the living room, and, the bathroom. You can multitask when organizing the kitchen utensils. Use the Three-Box Method for organizing the living room. And, store items by arranging items according to frequent use.

Your bedroom, closet, and home office need more close attention to organize. You need to assess most items to organize the space. Organize your closet first before the entire bedroom. Closets tend to spill from behind closed doors. 

Organize smaller spaces like laundry rooms and guest rooms. It’s faster to clean these rooms because they are not as exciting. And, they do not need as much concentration as personal spaces. A clutterfree laundry room saves a lot of time. The chore is easier when soaps and tools are in places with easy access. But, what is the quickest way to do it? 

What is the fastest way to clean a cluttered house? 

The truth is it takes a lot of time to clean a cluttered house. But, there are more efficient ways to do it. Once you make a plan, set goals, and do the work, you will have an organized home. 

The first step is to pick up trash. Take a trash bag and walk through each room. Focus on picking up unnecessary items lying around. Avoid doing any cleaning as this is the first step. Dispose of the trash and then move on to dishes and cups. Place any used dinnerware in the dishwasher. Then, take a laundry bin and pick up dirty laundry. Unload them into the washing machine if you have time. 

Next, take the items and store them. For instance, picking up your child’s toy and placing it in their room. You can straighten up the couch or the bed. Then, you can dust, vacuum, and disinfect each room. But what do you do if there is too much stuff in one room? 

How do I organize my room with too much stuff?

You can have a lot of things and still achieve a clutter free space. You need to pick up trash, unnecessary things lying around, and laundry. You can start with small spaces. Organize your junk drawers. Use the Three-Box Method when you discard items.

It is important to know your “clutter level tolerance.” As long as a certain amount of items in your room does not contribute to stress, you should be fine. You need to dust and clean areas of your room often. Invest in tools that can store many items and take up less space. You can get creative with your displays. Use the wall as space by hanging jewelry, placing shelves, etc.


Ultimately, you need to take a step back. Determine what stays and what goes. And, remember that organizing takes time and planning for the greatest efficiency. Focus on tasks and manage your time well. You can achieve organized home now that you know where to begin and what to do next.

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