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What’s the most valuable cosmetic item you own?


Whether it’s a CS:GO gun skin, set of Second Life clothes, Hearthstone card back, PUBG bandana, or Team Fortress 2 hat, what fancy in-game cosmetic have you acquired? Armor effects in Path of Exile go for a fair bit, but then someone once paid $38,000 for a pink war dog courier in Dota 2, which puts everything else in perspective.

What’s the most valuable cosmetic item you own?

The Steam Tools item value sorter might help if you don’t know the value of items or aren’t even sure what you own. Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

A skin for Lifeline that gives her a demonic makeover

(Image credit: EA)

Alan Dexter: It turns out my Steam account has nothing of value in it at all. This isn’t too surprising, as I tend not to give a fig about what my characters look like. I’m certainly not about to drop real cash on such things—although I’ve recently started playing Red Dead Online, and for once I want my cowboy to look the part, so maybe that will change. Other than that, the cosmetic I like the most (although it has no financial value) is Lifeline’s ‘From the Ashes’ skin in Apex Legends, which has a real demonic vibe to it. 

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