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What’s new in the CASIO G-SHOCK G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000 watch series? » Gadget Flow


Casio’s latest watch series includes three models: GSW-H1000-1, GSW-H1000-1A, and GSW-H1000-1A4. Together, this sports watch collection includes smart measurements to accurately track your performance when exercising and much more. Explore more of this series’ highlights in today’s blog.

The new CASIO G-SHOCK G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000 watch series features top-tier sports watches that boast an array of smart features and upgrades, including activity tracking for more than 15 types of exercise. This series is also the first G-SHOCK smartwatch that’s powered with Wear OS by Google. Explore some of the other standout features in this smartwatch range.

CASIO G-SHOCK G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000 watch series in a video

Uses Wear OS by Google

The GSW-H1000 watch series uses Wear OS by Google for its power, allowing you to incorporate many of Google’s helpful apps into daily use, such as Google Assistant, Google Pay, and Google Fit. You’ll also receive notifications of emails, calls, social media messages, and more without having to check your phone. This technology focuses on letting you stay connected at a glance. So you can see your next meeting, obtain directions, and much more without touching your phone.

Accurately monitors 15+ workouts

You want your smartphone to recognize your workouts so no one single movement goes unnoticed. Fortunately, the GSW-H1000 watch series can support a variety of sports and training activities—and more than we’ve seen before. This upgrade includes tracking running, swimming, biking, snowboard, and fishing, as well as extreme sports.

The app also includes 15 activities and 24 indoor workout options to accurately obtain data for measurements. So it can calculate the number of reps achieved at the gym or measure altitude during an outdoor cycle. Overall, this watch series accurately measures your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace, and more.

Features a shock-resistant structure and 20-bar water resistance

This sports watch collection uses the original G-SHOCK shock-resistant construction, helping to continually improve durability during everyday wear. Most impressively, the GSW-H1000 watch series also includes a water-resistant microphone and charging port. And, with an optical sensor to measure heart rate at the wrist and microphone, it’s more accurate than previous models. Plus, the 20-bar water resistance is a new feature that lets you use the watch collection underwater.

GSW-H1000-1 from the CASIO series

Boasts GPS functionality and multiple sensors

This sports watch collection can obtain your current location data from a GPS satellite with accuracy. This is ideal for tracking your routes during outdoor runs and other activities. Furthermore, the watches include optical sensors to take additional measurements that CASIO hasn’t showcased before. This includes compass bearing, barometric pressure, altitude, and more. You can also get real-time data with the original sensing technology.

Get your hands on the CASIO G-SHOCK G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000 watch series for $700 from the official website. Would you like to own any of these watches? Share your feedback in the comments.

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