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What T-Mobile Black Friday deals to expect


Black Friday has become the biggest shopping event in the world and now it’s spilling over the whole of November. Early deals are available from pretty much all the major retailers. We have Amazon with its Holiday Dash, but the brick-and-mortar stores aren’t falling behind, Best Buy, Target and Walmart all have early Black Friday deals in one shape or another.

It’s hard to keep track of the deals coming from so many places, so we’re gathering the best ones in our Black Friday deals mega article, that we’re keeping up to date with the latest discounts.
Carriers might have a narrower range of products they offer, but that doesn’t mean they’re not participating in the Black Friday extravaganza. Verizon and AT&T are having a go at it and, of course, so will T-Mobile.
Unlike Amazon and Co, T-Mobile is still holding on to its Black Friday deals but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any available. Let’s check those out first and then we’ll take a look at what deals might become available later in the month based on T-Mobile’s Black Friday promotions last year.

T-Mobile Holiday Deals available right now

T-Mobile’s pre-Black Friday event is called Holiday On and has quite a few offers on some of the hottest phones right now. Here’s how you can save yourself some money if you’re on team Magenta…

Save up to $950 on iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

As you undoubtedly know, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are Apple’s high-end smartphones this year. With new 5nm chips and larger displays, they’re more capable than ever. Video recording is also taken to the next level with support for Dolby Vision. The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999, which means you can get it for just $50 if you trade in either an iPhone 11 Pro Max or an iPhone XS Max. Needless to say, trading in the 2018 iPhone XS Max is the better option. If you’re looking to upgrade your two-year-old iPhone, that’s quite a good deal. If you want to learn more about what upgrades you’re getting with the iPhone 12 Pro, check our iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone XS comparison.

Get iPhone 12 or 12 mini for free with eligible trade-in

Of course, the aforementioned deal is also available with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. But since these phones are way cheaper than $950, you’re better off not going for the trade-in if you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max or XS Max or you’ll be getting a worse deal. Still, any iPhone down to the iPhone 8 will net you $830 in bill credits after the trade-in, making either of the two iPhones essentially free.

Get a free Google Pixel 4a 5G with eligible trade-in

If Android is your mobile OS of choice, you can also get rid of your old phone and get a brand new one for free. The Pixel 4a 5G is a great value. It has the Snapdragon 765G just like the more expensive Pixel 5 and the same camera system. With Google’s camera software, you’ll be taking flagship-level photos with a device that’s a fraction of the price. What’s even better is the list of devices that will net you enough bill credits to make this device free includes some pretty old phones such as the first generation Pixel, Galaxy S7 series phones, iPhone 7 and LG V40. Even if you don’t have one of those, you can buy a used one and still save a good chunk of money compared to the original $499 price tag. You’ll have to wait a bit for it though, as it’s still in the pre-order phase.

Get a free Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Unfortunately, getting the Galaxy S20 FE, one of the best value phones of the year, for free, isn’t as easy as getting your hands on an old Pixel. Instead, you have to purchase another 5G Samsung phone from the S20, Note 20 or Z series and open two new lines. With that done, you’ll get $699 in bill credits, which is how much the Galaxy S20 FE costs. Not the easiest deal to make use of, but if you’ve decided to switch the family over to T-Mobile, you might as well get a free phone out of it.

Get a free smartphone when you open a new line

If you’re looking to equip a relative with a new smartphone but specs and performance aren’t big concerns, then T-Mobile has a lineup of phones that will end up being free after 24 months. The selection of 6 budget phones includes the Galaxy A11, the LG K51 and the Motorola moto e. All are below $200 and if you open a new line, bill credits will be applied every month of the contract that will equal the price of the device. 
If you’re looking for other discounts, we have a post about the best T-Mobile deals regardless of which season it is, so you can always find a way to save some money on your new smartphone. Now back to Black Friday!

What Black Friday deals can you expect on T-Mobile?

It won’t be a huge surprise if we tell you that T-Mobile will have discounts on… phones! Shocking, we know. 

Free iPhones but with a twist

Last year, one of the biggest Black Friday deals T-Mobile had was for up to four new iPhone 11s for free if you opened new lines for all of them. So, while there is a possibility of that deal coming back again this year, we suspect there will be some alteration. Perhaps up to two new iPhone 12s with new lines.

Buy-one-get-one-free deals

The so-called BOGO deals are quite popular even when it’s not Black Friday so we can sure expect at least some to appear later this month. While you can get a Galaxy S20 FE for free when purchasing another Samsung device, it’s likely that on Black Friday, you’ll be able to buy any two devices premium Galaxy phones and get the second one free, including the Note 20 Ultra. An exception might be the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but someone purchasing two of them seems unlikely anyway.

Of course, iPhones might also come in pairs with one of them ending up free. Two iPhone minis for $730 doesn’t sound bad. 

Discounts without a new line requirement

Opening a new line is quite the commitment, which is why all the best deals require it. But for people that are just looking to upgrade their phone, a smaller discount without a new line will actually be a better deal. $200 off of new Galaxy S20 or Note 20 phones is not a rare deal but since we’re talking about Black Friday, $300 or more is what we’re expecting. Other Android phones like Google’s Pixels and OnePlus phones are also likely to get a nice discount. Don’t expect too much when it comes to iPhones, however. With their release being so recent, you’ll hardly get much without having to sign up for a new line.

Smartphone + smartwatch bundles

We’ll be keeping a close eye on T-Mobile’s website and as soon as the carrier’s Black Friday deals are live, we’ll update this article. And if you’re looking to save money without getting tied to a carrier, we have our general Best Black Friday smartphone deals post that you can check out.

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