What makes MS Office 2019 Different from it’s previous versions?

What makes MS Office 2019 Different from it's previous versions? 1

MS Office 2019 – What’s New in it?

Microsoft Office is one of our most prominent and confident office tools when it comes to creating a document for personal or professional use. We have used products of Microsoft office such as MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Outlook, etc from our small age.

As the years rolled, Microsoft has upgraded office and inserted more of revolutionary and useful features that are based on the concepts of user ease of use, practical understanding and easy to translate.

But the 2019 version of Microsoft is simply awesome in terms of its features and uses. This article tells you about the 5 most astonishing features in Microsoft office 2019 that make it more reliable, easy to use and user-friendly.

These features may motivate you to go and test the latest features of the new 2019 office now. Now, let’s get started what’s new in MS Office 2019.

1. Use a Surface pen to navigate the sites in MS-Powerpoint

After windows 10 fall’s creator’s update, you can actually use a surface pen from Microsoft or some other similar product to navigate the powerpoint slides, from the maximum distance of about 30 feet.

With the surface pen, you need to press the eraser button to move to the next slide, or whichever slide you want to navigate to. It becomes even more exciting when you want to hover over your slides in your class or work area from a distance.

2. New wonderful functions added in Excel

You can now work easier when it comes to spreadsheets with functions like CONTACT, IFS, SWITCH, and TEXTJOIN. The uses of each of these functions are:

CONTACT: It is similar to CONCENTRATE, joining about 30 items together. This function also supports a wide range of references and not just individual cell references.

IFS: It is used to return the largest (MAXIFS) or smallest (MINIFS) number from a range of numbers. You can also set the criteria for the return result in IFS function.

SWITCH: It is used to evaluate one value from a list of values, and returns the result matching the given first set of values.

TEXTJOIN: It can combine text from multiple ranges. In this, you can choose the text to be separated by using punctuation marks, commas or any delimiter.

Get things done with Office 2019

3. Zoom Navigation control in Powerpoint

Now you can navigate to the powerpoint with zoomed-in for clear visual of your slide. The zoom starts with a transition animation that will take you into that slide. It could be both fun and very useful for sharing a large piece of information in that slide.

4. LaTeX Equations can now be solved in word

LaTeX is a linear UNICODE format of math equations. You can now type math in word using latex syntax. The latex button is in the design tab. Alternatively, it could be opened by pressing “Alt”+”=” from the keyboard.

5. Microsoft Translator Support for Word, Excel or Powerpoint

Now, you can translate a section of document, or whole of a document in Any recognized language by using Microsoft Translator Support. To use this feature, open the “review” tab and then click on “Translate and Language”. It is not absolutely perfect but is becoming more and more accurate with each of its updates. It can make your translation studies easier, faster and more easily.

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