What Makes Eye Exams Important?


The significance of annual eye exams goes beyond the treatment and management of blurry vision. Follow this blog to know the importance and why it’s crucial to have your overall eyes evaluated almost every year.

A Leading Factor in Children Success

Dear parents, please read this!

Not everyone’s familiar with the fact that medical science has proven good vision a root cause in enhancing children learning abilities within and outside the typical classroom environment. Although the research has been around for some time now, it’s a good time to re-share and remind concerned parents about the importance of good vision and impact on academic performance.

An annual eye examination is the only way to ensure a child sees clearly and comfortably thus achieving success in the overall academics. Apart from the studies, healthy vision and eyes also contribute to better performance at sports and various extracurricular activities. Vision evaluation is thus important more than ever, given to the fact of exposure children have to digital devices and other such mediums.

The Myopia Epidemic

Global research concluded that a number of myopic children around the world are rising gradually with more and more children getting near-sighted at a young age mostly due to overexposure to digital devices like smartphones, tablet, video games, and other mediums.

Children diagnosed with myopia at a very early age usually experience progression and worsening of the anomaly throughout childhood. In the end, the untreated high risk can lead to blindness or other sight-threatening conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and even retinal detachment.

To schedule an early eye exam or taking prescribed eye drops for dry eyes, an aftereffect of overusing digital devices, are best ways to neutralize the threat before it worsens. In the case of myopia, early diagnosis is the only way to contain the progression and reduces serious eye exams in later stages of life.

Screening – Not a Substitute of Eye Exam

Parents mostly assume their children for a perfect vision just because they passed the vision screening performed in the school. As for adults, they believe a perfect vision by clearing at the motor vehicle department. But none of the assumptions are correct.

Vision screening simply scans individuals with a serious and very obvious eye problem following a particular condition or when undertaking a specific visual task such as clearly seeing the chalkboard or recognizing road signs and another such object on the road while driving.

A detailed eye exam performed at a proper and professional eye facility by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is the only way to ensure on a perfect, clear and comfortable vision. It can also identify some of the most serious eye diseases even if the symptoms aren’t yet obvious such as glaucoma and eye cancer.

A Way to Detect Other Potential Health Threats

Speaking of detailed and proper eye exams, these can also identify other health threats such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or even cancer. Perhaps this is the reason our eyes are termed as ‘window to the soul’ but it turns out that they’re also effective to overall health.

Don’t ignore eyes, they are a highly valuable organ of the human body. Visit eye exam near me to keep your eye vision good.

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