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What is CHAdeMO? Let us explain

What is CHAdeMO? Let us explain 1

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One of the more confusing aspects of owning an electric vehicle (EV) is knowing how to charge it. Unfortunately, there are a few different standards used in the industry, connectors vary from vehicle to vehicle. As a result,  it’s not quite as simple as just knowing whether you need to fill up with diesel or petrol.

Once you’re passed the new terminology though, it’s actually all quite straightforward. In its simplest form, there are two things you need to know about EV charging: connectors and power ratings (measured in kilowatts, Kw).

If you’re coming from an internal combustion vehicle, it might help to think of the different charging options as different types of fuel. Some of which will work for your vehicle, some of which won’t. Using EV charging systems is often far easier than it sounds and largely boils down to finding a charge point that has a connector compatible with your vehicle and picking the highest compatible power output to ensure charging is as fast as possible. One such connector is CHAdeMO.

Credit: Paul Sladen – Wikimedia CC