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What do you want from the new Indiana Jones game?


Surprise, surprise: Bethesda and MachineGames are cooking up a new Indiana Jones game.

That’s some exciting and unexpected news, and with nothing more to go on than that little teaser, we’re left wondering and speculating about what kind of Indiana Jones game this might turn out to be. MachineGames is known for the Wolfenstein series, gory and exciting first-person shooters, but we don’t know if Indy will be an FPS or a third-person adventure, or really, much of anything about it at all. So, it’s a good time to imagine just what kind of game would suit Indiana Jones best.

What do you want from a new Indiana Jones game? That’s our question this week. Below, you’ll find our answers and some from the PC Gamer Forums. Whip yours into the comment section below.

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Andy Kelly: Honestly, nothing revolutionary. Part of the appeal of Indiana Jones for me is how, in the spirit of the rollicking ’40s serials that inspired it, every story follows a formula. There’s an ancient artifact, probably hidden somewhere secret, possibly infused with supernatural energy, and likely prized by the Nazis. And Indy has to travel somewhere exotic and dangerous to get it, with a sidekick in tow. That’s all I want from an Indy game. A lavish, expensive third-person action game with minimal combat, some good fistfights, and lots of puzzling in ancient tombs. Tomb Raider, basically, but with a sense of humour and John Williams’ Raiders’ March blaring when I do something cool.

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