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What Beyond Light means for the future of Destiny 2


Today, with the launch of Season of Arrivals, the Darkness has finally invaded Destiny 2’s solar system. Teased throughout Destiny’s life, and shown inching ever closer throughout the recent Season of the Worthy, the pyramid ships of the Darkness are kicking off a new trilogy in Destiny 2’s story. We knew Bungie would announce their upcoming Year 4 expansion today. What we didn’t expect was that they’d be spilling the beans on Years 5 and 6 too.

The Future of Destiny 2

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Today, Bungie revealed a bunch of info on the future of Destiny 2, including the reveal of the next three expansions and major changes coming courtesy of the new Content Vault. We also talked to general manager Mark Noseworthy about the future of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is launching this fall, and will see players harnessing the Darkness with the introduction of a new damage type: Stasis. Beyond Light isn’t the end of Destiny 2, however. In fact, it marks the beginning of what Noseworthy calls “almost like a trilogy of expansions telling a larger, overarching story arc”. It’s a plan that means Destiny 2’s lifespan will extend far beyond what most would have assumed, to at least 2023.

It’s an exciting tease, but Bungie has always excelled at selling the prospect of what Destiny 2 could be. Players were critical throughout Year 3, though, and often with good reason. Shadowkeep was a decent expansion, albeit one based around a revamped version of one of the first game’s patrol zones, but the seasonal model felt lacking—short on content and good loot to chase, and too quick to promote a fear of missing out. And while Bungie has spent the last few months detailing ways that to improve the seasonal model going forward, even those plans have proved controversial.

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“This year, we’re really looking at this as an opportunity to return to form with our expansions,” says Noseworthy. “It’s about absolutely going to a new place that you’ve never been before and exploring aspects of the deep lore of the game and the universe in a way that you hadn’t before. And so Europa is a brand new destination. It’s about having something new for the player to do, and in this case, that’s obviously Stasis, and wielding the Darkness. It’s about going on a new journey. There’s a new campaign, and, of course, new powers, new gear, new weapons and armor to chase, which there always is. And then at the end of that pyramid is a brand new raid.”

How do we introduce things that feel like they’ve changed the world, but have them stick around for longer?

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