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What are the MBA Options after Computer Science Engineering?

Doing an MBA after engineering or other under graduation courses have become very common these days due to the demand for MBA graduates in the corporate world. One might think that only students from certain disciplines can pursue MBA which is not entirely true.

Today even graduates from top computer science engineering colleges in India can pursue their career after doing an MBA.

Being an engineering graduate, there are certain MBA options that will include knowledge of your computer science discipline as well. Some of the relative career options are as listed below, and it is important that you choose your specification carefully as your career after MBA highly depends on your choice.

But, not all colleges providing MBA courses will take students right after their graduation. Some might require certain work experience of their undergraduate course. Hence, one should choose their course and college accordingly

Option for MBA Students

Doing an MBA gives you the required confidence to chase your dreams and gives you the force to innovate and experiment with your ideas. A management degree refines your managerial skills helping you to work towards achieving the application with greater productivity and lesser cost. This course makes you acquainted and equips you with all aspects of running a company

It grooms the candidate to serve the best to oneself as only when they are efficient can they be an asset to an organization.

  1. Human Resource Management: You can choose to study an MBA in Human Resources. After completion, you can pursue or be employed in the IT industries and organization in the HR department. HRs are always in demand.

    You could work either as a technical SAP HR or play a role in the administration side. When you progress a leadership level in the HR department, your IT background will be of great strength while you work on strategies or look into mergers and acquisitions with other IT companies.

  2. Operations Management: Doing MBA in Operations management from any of the top MBA colleges in Hyderabad will have an excellent impact on your career afterward. This course equips you with knowledge and understanding of day to day operations in an IT service company.

    You will learn and understand the client’s needs, analyze your resources, employ or deploy the concerned skilled professionals in the project and deliver the work to the client as required on time. Operations management is more of a leadership role than a managing role.

  3. Marketing Management: You can opt to do MBA with marketing, which is highly in demand, and you are highly needed by product development companies like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Mcafee, Adobe, HP, Amazon, and many others. With a computer background in addition to the marketing mix, you will be the perfect candidate to work on brand management and product development.

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  1. Project Management: You can pursue MBA with project management, and you will be reading and understanding the client’s protocol requirements, schedule tasks and complete them within the given schedule.

    You will either be working on the project either at your current site or at the client site depending on the requirement, but the main difference between operations and project management is that you will only be managing the role but not leading the role of operations manager.

  2. Systems or Information Management: This indeed is a great option if you want to have a mix of technical and management roles. You can choose to do this elective and work as a senior manager, team lead, or information consultant in the IT service organizations.

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