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Wedding Invitation Choosing the right paper for your wedding invitation card!

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A wedding is a very special event in the lives of the couple and all their family members. Where this occasion comes with a lot of joy & excitement, there the planning can be tiring & dreadful. While planning a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is to invite all the loved ones to the special event. This is why the first thing while planning a wedding is to select the right wedding invitation card for the event. Since there are so many types of wedding invitations available in the market depending on the style, type, paper, and more, it is important that you know what you want.

Here, we are going to discuss with you about different types of wedding invitation papers available in the market and what type is the best for you.

List of different wedding invitation papers available for choosing

Some standards paper options for a wedding card are

  1. 16 pt. Premium matte finish

This is one of the most popular choices of paper for wedding card invitations. This comes with matte finish and is in fact the thickest card paper in the market. The smooth matte finish of this paper makes it the popular choice of paper for wedding invitation cards.

  1. 14 pt. Premium Uncoated Finish

If you are a fan of natural finish, this 14 pt. Premium Uncoated paper is the best choice for designing wedding invites. This thick card comes with a texture that gives it the natural feel and look.

Premium range of wedding invitation card paper include –

  1. Clear 15 Mil Vinyl

The very first premium range wedding invitation paper is this Clear 15 Mil Vinyl. This paper can make any wedding invitation card look luxurious. This bendable and light paper is so much more impressive than those old-times thick & heavy acrylic invitations. However, the only limitation to this paper is that only white ink can be printed on it.

  1. Frosted – 15 Mil Vinyl

The next option in the list of premium wedding card papers is the frosted – 15 Mil Vinyl. This fancy looking card is not exactly transparent and gives a nice contrast, which makes it an even more attractive choice. A

  1. 14 pt. Metallic Pearl

Moving on, metallic pearl paper is a great choice of modern day wedding invitation paper. Well, it is quite a unique paper that reflects light and shines when viewed in different angles. This paper comes with pearl fibers embedded in it. So, if you are looking to move on from the conventional & traditional wedding card options, you must consider choosing this metallic pearl paper.

  1. 16 pt. Premium with Foil

Another unconventional option of wedding card paper is the premium paper with foil. This type of paper comes in different colour options including silver, gold, and rose gold. This is one of the premium card papers that is very popular.

These are some paper options that you have when it comes to choosing one for your wedding invitation cards. If you are looking for a wedding card designer, you must consider checking out the invitation maker. They have so many options for you to choose from. So, happy scrolling.

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