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We walk our own path, promote own ideology: Nadda | India News 2

Do you think the Bihar results were as per your expectations?
I think to a large extent yes. But we could’ve garnered more support. People were expecting more. I think organisationally, more activation could’ve garnered more support. And we lost a few seats with very narrow margins. There we could’ve done better. And there is always scope to improve. But yes, if we think in terms of the victory, we have been successful. And people have supported the policies and programmes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Particularly in the past three years, schemes initiated by Modiji and implemented in Bihar by Nitish Kumar have given us results.
But it is being said this is a win for BJP, not for NDA.
This is not justified. We have to take things in their totality and everyone has their own support base. When all the support bases come together, victory happens. Like I said, we could’ve done better. Everyone must apply this in their own case but I think NDA has delivered a good performance and a good result. JD(U) performed well too.
JD(U) is at its lowest score and BJP is at its highest. Why does BJP shy away from taking credit?
Since we fight unitedly, we must stand united at all times. This is our organisational policy. We think every drop counts so everyone’s positive contribution has to be accepted and respected. If we don’t stand united, everything will scatter and fall apart. If we start claiming credit for everything, it will be very unbecoming. We create an environment together, and we benefit from that. There is no doubt that the PM’s policies have immensely benefited everyone. Be it Dalits or the poor or the harassed and the abused. These people especially have given their full support to Modiji.
Considering the status of your alliance in Bihar, can we say that you will now play a big brother role?
We have never believed in such roles. We believe in equality. Besides, if anyone says logical things, we support them. We are running the NDA, we take everyone together. We always give everyone respect, treat them equally and take care of their well being. So there is no question of elder or younger brother.
There is a related question to this. If we see the two sides in Bihar, they are almost equal. You have won a narrow majority…
We are making sincere efforts to this end, continuously. Besides, we are making full efforts that we reach out to everyone and reach them sincerely. Our major impediment is that there are a lot of people who distract (a section of voters), who want to earn their vote by dividing them. This is our challenge. Keeping this challenge and the delicate nature of this challenge, we have to move forward. I can say this with full conviction that we are moving forward in every election. For a strong nation, it is our responsibility to maintain and protect the social fabric. There are many people who keep their family first, their party second and their country last. For us, nation comes first, party second and no concept of family. So the fight is very tough but we are winning.
Bihar’s mandate indicates that people are ready to give the leadership to BJP. Is BJP equipped to take up the challenge in Bihar in the future?
Leadership is not the question. But our ideology should be spread far and wide and with that ideology, we want to serve the people. We want to take everyone together with us. Considering the integrity of our alliance, we have said Nitish Kumarji will be our leader. After the election, the PM reiterated that Nitishji will be our leader. This is our way of working. Whatever we say, we do, taking care of the nation’s needs.
In this election, LJP hurt NDA, certainly JD(U). Can it be said LJP’s return to NDA in Bihar is not possible?
It can be said so. We were four parties that fought together and four parties got the trust of the people. And we had clearly stated that in Bihar, we have no relation with LJP. So keeping this in mind, we will execute our duties.
So at the Centre, is LJP a part of NDA?
At the Centre, the matter is different. But in Bihar, this is what it is.
The PM said very assertively that this is a vote for the development agenda. But if we come to ground realities, then the question comes back to caste. Tickets are also given keeping the caste factor in mind.
We have to keep both things in mind. Development agenda has clearly been voted upon. People like that. But we also want to take everyone together. Sabka saath. Keeping that philosophy in mind, we have to take society with us so that everyone can be represented. Not only on caste factors, but representation has to be there. When we can have a balanced representation of every caste, not because we want to pander to and satisfy a particular caste, but because we want to take everyone together. There can be different reasons. One reason can be that someone wants to divide people. Other can be that we have to take everyone together. There is a positive aspect also and a negative aspect also. Development is only possible when we have everyone’s participation.
The PM recently spoke of youth participation and women’s representation as well. What does it mean for the party?
It is a continuous process. If you see our party’s structure, there is no district head who is above the age of 45. It has not been provisioned by the constitution. But we, with our planning, we have kept our national team’s average age at 50. So we like giving opportunities to youth. Who is going to run the party after 10 years? When I was made general secretary, I was also less that 50. We have to give opportunities to young and new talent.
We have seen in recent times that you focus more on national issues than local issues. Even in Bihar, this was the case.
It would be wrong to say we have only taken up central issues. If you look at the PM’s speeches and everyone else too. Among national issues, only three things have been mentioned — Article 370, development and Ram Janmabhoomi. These are national issues. Besides this, there is Atmanirbhar Bihar. Take ‘makhana’ for example. Rs 172 crore spent on ‘matsya palan’ scheme. Similarly, the electrification of railways. Darbhanga-Katihar section. Darbhanga-Jaynagar section. Flyovers have been constructed. We also took up the issue of jungle raj, a very local issue. We keep everything together. Bihar is a part of India so regional issues matter but national issues cannot be neglected. People went to Lal Chowk in Srinagar and Ayodhya from Bihar also. Was there not a regiment of Bihar in Galwan?
A factor that can have nationwide significance was seen in Bihar with AIMIM’s performance. What is your opinion of that?
Political questions have to be answered politically. We accept this challenge. There is no short-cut. The people are the most important. It is our responsibility to tell the truth to people. We know that some parts of Hyderabad are a worrisome place. But we take up these issues there, on the basis of ideology in a democratic matter. Different types of cells are present in the human body, we have to develop antibodies to some of them. We have to balance those cells out with good cells. In the same manner, we have to increase the number of people in society who promote nationalism. Earlier, the agenda in Bihar used to be ‘tel pilayyan, laathi ghumayyan’. Today, we forced them to talk about jobs and development. Who gave the development agenda? Modiji. We are compelling all political parties to talk about nationalism.
A political question here is that AIMIM’s victory has given political benefit to NDA, indirectly. Next election will be held in West Bengal and AIMIM has claimed that it will fight there too in big numbers. Will BJP benefit from its participation there also?
We don’t function on any baisakhi (crutch). We walk our own path, we promote our own ideology. We don’t think of such electoral tactics. We don’t carry anyone’s baggage. In West Bengal, there is goonda raj, communalism, corruption, ill-governance, state-sponsored violence. There is a climate of fear. Party and police are in cahoots. We will fight the election on these issues. We will not try to pander to a particular section, we will tell everyone to vote for us… truth has power.
The PM has faced personal attacks in every election. In Gujarat election and in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi used the word ‘coward’ for the PM. How do you see this?
The PM’s work and conduct speak for him, in his favour… his austerity comes to his aid. It comes to the nation’s aid too. These people, when they use these words, it’s their frustration. It is an indication that they will never change for the better. See, I have said before too that realisation is the first step towards improvement. They have exhausted their sportsman’s spirit.
Former US president Barack Obama, in his book, says Rahul Gandhi has a “nervous, unformed quality” about him like a student eager to impress the teacher but lacking aptitude and passion to “master the subject”. Your views?
I have always said Rahul Gandhi has limited knowledge, and he is tutored. He doesn’t do homework on his own and has no original thinking. Therefore, reflection of this does happen. However, it is for him and his party to assess but there has to be a national perspective.
Several TMC leaders have joined BJP in West Bengal, now we hear that some more ministers are joining your party.
Well, I don’t want to comment on any individual but the working of TMC under Mamata Banerjee is unscientific whereas we run the party in a scientific way. People join us and feel more comfortable. Take for example Mukulji (Mukul Roy), who is with us after being with TMC for several years. But look at the comfort with which he has been with us. We believe in natural process of leadership to emerge. We respect talent and as the PM said, performance is rewarded in BJP. TMC and several regional parties are family controlled enterprises.
As party president, will there be an effort to bring back NDA allies who have quit in the past few years?
I reiterate that we are committed to coalition dharma and always try to take all friends along. We have not left anybody, rather others have left us for different reasons. However, there will not be compromise with national interest. Reforms and national interest are non-negotiable.

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