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We all want EVs that charge in 5 minutes, but don’t bet on it


EVs are super fast, ultra quiet, and brilliantly futuristic. They are what MP3 is to vinyl, an all-round much better idea for the everyday.

While EV batteries and charging infrastructure are improving, the reality is that it still takes many hours to fully charge the average electric car. But that seems to be changing.

Last month, news surfaced that a battery tech company had managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: develop an EV battery that can fully charge in five minutes. Naturally, my attention was grabbed, it sounds too good to be true. I had to look deeper.

So how long is it going to be before we have EVs that charge fully — from zero to 100% — as fast as a gasoline car can have its tank filled? I asked an industry expert to get their take on the situation and find out what’s going on.

Hope is near

A few weeks ago, UK newspaper The Guardian ran a story which must be music to the ears of even the least anxious EV driver: a company has developed EV batteries that can fully charge in just five minutes.

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The report told the story of Israel-based StoreDot, a battery tech company that has managed to produce the EV power packs on a scalable production line, suggesting we’re not far from mass market “five-minute batteries.”

Credit: StoreDot