Ways to tell a story through design

Everyone loves a good story. Although, it is not that easier as it seems. It takes dedication and effort to craft a unique story and understand the elements and techniques to engage the audience. In order to be successful at telling your story, you need to use strong characterisation with which they can connect and respond.

This is where the role of design comes in. Design is a creative way to communicate the message to the audience. A brand’s story reflects what you do and who you are. The creative elements of the design can add magnificence to the story and help you to convey a consistent, strong and clear message to your potential customers.

From the entertainment media to scientific news, the presentation of opinions and facts is improved with design and graphics. Described below are seven ways in which you can engage the audience with your story.

1. The imagery

One significant feature of great design is that it visually engages the viewer. Start with clean and clear visual. Exciting illustrations, interesting images or creative videos can grab the attention and make a first impression.

Your story must be filled with imagery and not just visual but verbal. Develop a colour palette which can complement your story use elements which can drive users to your brand. A great story can lead the users along the way, and design is an obvious match to tell a creative story.

2. Develop a character

Take the example of email platform MailChimp. The company’s cartoon mascot and logo the Chimp pops up throughout the design, in blogs and promotions. The character of the platform clarifies its name and showcase the fun nature that the company portrays.

The character of the company can be perceived as the voice of the content. It helps in developing a story which your users can identify with. It sets the whole narrative of the story you want to tell your audience. Just like children’s book illustrations and character development can engage the readers with the narrative, it makes your brand story engaging from the viewers.

3. Invite to participate

Interactive elements of the design combined with common actions can add value to the design. You can add animation to grab the attention of the users to a certain element of design or use illustrations and vivid colours to convey a message to the audience.

Consider all the elements of the design, which can engage the audience with the story. Your story doesn’t have to complex, but it must be interesting to entice the potential customers and be effective in turning them into regular ones.

4. Create a narrative

Just like a storybook has a beginning, a climax and an ending, your brand story is not different. If your website doesn’t follow the story flow, it conveys a confusing message to the visitors. It should work in the following format:

• Beginning: Logo and headline, describe the users your personality and your work.

• Middle: everything that makes you special. Make them interested in taking action and tell them what they should expect.

• End: add a call to action or purchase link.

5. Keep your storyline simple

Your story needs to be simple and straightforward. It must be able to describe your personality to the viewers in five seconds or less. It should be able to catch the attention of the audience and make a positive impression making them return. The users are likely to remember a simple and effective story through that they are likely to remember you.

6. Make meaningful micro-interactions

Never ignore the little elements of the design which your users can interact with. Microinteractions is one reason why social media sites drive so much engagement. They can be described as little moments that the users experience with the design. Every time you change the design or send a message, your audience is likely to experience a micro-interaction. Microinteractions makes the design worthwhile.


Designing is the story is not just about telling your audience what you do; it is about making them interested in knowing you. Be original because users like to connect with brands that are authentic than made-up.


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