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Watch the guy who invented Counter-Strike surf maps streams his work on Twitch


Charlie Joyce—widely known as ‘Mariowned’ in the Counter-Strike community—invented surf maps. Unlike the standard multiplayer modes you’d find in a game like CS:GO, surf maps are custom creations shared via the Steam Workshop. These obstacle courses take advantage of the engine’s physics while encouraging you to move differently to how you would in a regular match. Surf servers have you sliding along winding ramps, making smooth last-second turns, and landing difficult jumps. It’s easy to sink a few hours zooming around on them, but it’s also fascinating to see how they’re made.    

Joyce has recently been working on a new map called surf_eventide and has been streaming his progress on his Twitch channel. His latest map takes us to a range of snowy tree-lined slopes at sunset and should be available soon. There’s an early build uploaded for testing purposes on Mariowned’s Workshop that you can subscribe to and test out for yourself. It’s only a small slice of the map, but it lets you glide along a few ramps, test some jumps, and get a feel for the level.

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