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Warframe Sevagoth and Epitaph: How to farm parts


Want to get Warframe Sevagoth as quickly as possible? Of course you do. The new story content for Warframe released this week, called The Call of the Tempestarii. In Call of the Tempestarii we get a story quest where we meet a ghost Railjack ship and its spectral captain, Sevagoth. We also get a plot that features Railjack combat and a fight with the Vala Glarios, a captain of the Corpus faction with a personal vendetta against this fearsome frame. After you finish that adventure, you have the chance to add Sevagoth to your arsenal, and its signature weapon, the Warframe Epitaph.

Sevagoth adds versatility Warframe’s battlefield by charging its main ability, Death Well. Here, in this Warframe Sevagoth and Epitaph guide I introduce you to the game’s 46th frame, show you how it works in combat with its signature weapon, and showcase a few builds to get you started.

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