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VOY Glasses Cadore adaptable eyewear adjusts to your vision


Want clear vision in any situation? The VOY Glasses Cadore can help with that. This updated tunable eyewear actually adjusts to your eyesight. And it offers a wide range of power, so they cover hyperopia from +3 to myopia up to -8D. Keep reading to learn more about these helpful glasses.

Get rid of your bifocals once and for all when you have the VOY Glasses Cadore 2nd-gen tunable eyewear. These adjustable glasses give you the power you need when you need it. They switch from reading to long-distance power with just a turn of the small wheel behind the front of the frame. The tunable range runs from -8D to +3D, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses or bifocals.

If you wear bifocals, you know what a pain they can be. Walking down a flight of stairs is tricky because suddenly you get a really close view of the step, while everything else around you is a blur. And you only really ever understand perspective at a distance. It’s tough having poor eyesight, but you can make remedying it more natural with the VOY Glasses Cadore. These 2nd-gen tunable glasses actually adjust their lens power to your eyesight. That way, you won’t have to rely on your bifocals or switch between reading and distance glasses.

VOY Glasses Cadore in Gold

Get tunable glasses that are suitable for everyday use

Imagine being able to drive to a restaurant and read its menu with the same pair of glasses. These adjustable glasses make that a possibility since they allow you to switch from activities that require good near vision—reading, working on the computer, cooking—to ones that rely on distant vision like driving, sports, and sightseeing. They help you enjoy and take part in everyday activities more effectively. What’s more, they also can withstand daily use thanks to their high-quality stainless steel.

VOY Glasses Cadore in a video

Choose cutting-edge eyewear that’s easy to use

You don’t have to worry about any complicated steps to make the VOY Glasses Cadore work. They’re super easy to use. Just turn the wheel away from your nose for negative power and toward the nose for positive power. That’s it. This intuitive method of adjusting vision power will have you feeling like you’re at the optometrist’s office. And, just like your visits there, adjusting these tunable glasses will result in crystal clear vision.

Enjoy a wide tunable range

Think your eyesight is too weak to be accommodated by these adjustable glasses? Actually, the VOY Glasses Cadore covers a pretty wide range of vision. It boasts low, medium, and high power ranges. The low range covers power needs from +3D to -2D while the medium range goes from 0D to -5D. Meanwhile, the high power range for myopia run from -3D to -8D. So it’s pretty certain these glasses provide the correction you need.

Take advantage of the other next-gen features

These updated VOY Glasses boast other new features as well. They increase the user’s field of view by 63% compared to the previous version. That’s a relief because glasses wearers like to eliminate foggy spaces wherever they can. According to the Indiegogo page, the VOY Glasses Cadore also reduces eyestrain and dizziness while remaining comfortable to wear.

Keep your eyes healthy with these useful glasses

By now, you’ve probably heard about the harmful effects blue and UV light can have on your eyes. Luckily, when you wear these adjustable glasses, you don’t have to worry about either of those. These spectacles have blue light and UV 400 blockers. So they’re great for working from home as well as an outdoor run. What’s more, they’re also antireflective, so you won’t get any glares from light hitting the lenses.

We already mentioned that the VOY Glasses Cadore features a stainless steel frame. While this material keeps the lenses durable enough for everyday wear, the frame itself is also quite stylish. And style is important when it comes to eyewear. You want to look nerdy yet sophisticated, not nerdy and outdated. For that reason, these tunable glasses come in a sleek design that fits both men and women. And they come in Black and Gold color options.

Order glasses, sunglasses, or both

You can order these adjustable glasses as regular glasses or as sunglasses which is a pretty cool. Because when you have vision difficulties, your eyes need to be corrected both on cloudy days and sunny ones. Since these glasses are also available as sunglasses, you really can take crystal clear sight with you anywhere.

Wear one pair of glasses for all your vision needs

Another great feature of the VOY Glasses Cadore is its versatility. This one pair of glasses fulfills all of your vision needs. You can wear them for reading, distance, driving, and computer work. There’s simply no need to waste your money and effort on selecting multiple pairs of glasses for different purposes when you can rely on just one.

Support universal access to eye care

The company believes good vision is something everyone should be able to access. According to the Indiegogo page, poor vision affects children’s ability to learn and impairs the cognitive function of older adults. With its customers’ support, the company hopes to give VOY Glasses to areas with limited resources and healthcare. That way, VOY glasses can provide clear vision to at-risk communities and improve their quality of life.

The VOY Glasses Cadore are an exciting pair of eyeglasses. Like their predecessor, they adjust to your eyesight with just a simple but boast a wider power range. This makes them suitable for nearsighted activities all the way to far-sighted ones like driving. They also keep your eyes healthy thanks to their blue and UV light blocking features. If you suffer from poor eyesight and wish you had a more convenient way to improve your vision, these are the glasses for you.

The VOY Glasses Cadore 2nd-gen tunable eyewear typically costs $199. You can preorder it on Indiegogo for $99.

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