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Virtual droidcon EMEA 2020 lines up Android heavyweights for keynote address (Sponsored)


This year’s droidcon EMEA 2020 conference is only weeks away, and the organizers have assembled a stellar list of speakers from various tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Headlining the event are two long-time Android industry leaders — Chet Haase and Romain Guy — who both possess a great deal of insight about the platform’s future.

Meet the keynote speakers

Chet Haase is the Chief Android Advocate at Google. He first joined the company in May 2010 as the Android Toolkit Lead where he managed the team responsible for APIs and UI elements, including animations, text, graphics, and architecture. In February 2019, he became a Developer Advocate before graduating quickly to his current role in March 2019, where he works with third-party developers to help them create even better Android apps.

Romain Guy is the Android Toolkit Lead at Google. He came to Google in August 2007 as an Android Toolkit Lead. He would go on to manage Google’s robotics tools and simulation team in October 2013, followed by the Android UI components and real-time 3D division in February 2015, and Android graphics in July 2016. It wasn’t until July 2017 that Guy’s career came full circle as he once again became the Android Toolkit Lead in January 2019.

Together, Haase and Guy will be discussing the future of Android development from their unique perspectives. They’ll answer questions such as: What should developers be learning?, What tools should they be using?, How do these components all fit together?, and How do they take us into the bright Android future?

Other guest speakers for droidcon EMEA 2020 include Florina Muntenescu (Android Developer Advocate), Annyce Davis (Google Developer Expert), Ash Davies (Lead Software Engineer), and many more.

Pay what you can to attend droidcon EMEA 2020 online

Virtual droidcon EMEA 2020 lines up Android heavyweights for keynote address (Sponsored) 2

The droidcon organizers understand that your wallet may be a little tight amid these uncertain times. To ensure you’re able to attend droidcon EMEA 2020, despite your financial situation, they’re implementing a brand new “pay what you can” campaign. Starting this week, you will be able to register for free tickets here in exchange for making a donation of any value to droidcon — pay as much or as little as you’d like. Although this plan is launching first for droidcon EMEA 2020 participants, it will be extended to the Americas and APAC communities soon.

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