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Vikas Dubey Knapur Encounter: How gangster Vikas Dubey’s days came to an end | India News


Vikas Dubey arrested on July 9 and was killed in an encounter on July 10.

NEW DELHI: Five encounters and 10 aide were arrested leading upto the capture of gangster Vikas Dubey on July 9, during the inter-state police operation which started after the ambush of Uttar Pradesh police team at Bikru Village, Kanpur and had resulted in the death of eight police personnel.
Since the July 3 ambush, which collectively shocked the nation, Vikas Dubey was in news for a week. The history-sheeter was finally killed in an encounter by the Uttar Pradesh police Special Task Force (STF) today morning after he was captured in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a day before.
Here is all you need to know about 6 encounters, 10 arrests ending in Vikas Dubey’s death in police encounter:
The FIR lodged by police after the July 3 ambush at Bikru Village named 21 people and mentioned the names of 50-60 others.
Six encounters
Including Vikas Dubey, six men have been killed in police encounter since July 3. Out of these six, five are: Prem Prakash Pandey, Atul Dubey, Amar Dubey, Kartik aka Prabhat Mishra and Bahua Dubey. Prem and Atul were Vikas Dubey’s uncles and Amar was his nephew and bodyguard.
* Prem Prakash Pandey and Atul Dubey: Both uncles of Vikas Dubey were shot dead in the Shivli forest near Bikru within hours of the attack.
* Amar Dubey: Vikas Dubey’s nephew was killed on July 8 at Hamirpur, Maudaha village, UP. Amar used to travel with the gangster wherever he went ensuring his security. There was a reward of Rs 50,000 for Amar’s arrest. Amar’s arrest was a crucial breakthrough in the STF operation given his relevance in Vikas Dubey’s gang. Police were able to hunt down Amar because of a successful raid a day before on July 7 at a house in Faridabad. The men whom police arrested late night July 7 leaked hints to Amar’s whereabouts which eventually led to his encounter the next day. Amar had forced a girl to marry him at gunpoint nine days before his encounter. Police had seized an unlicensed semi-automatic .32 bore pistol from Amar. An STF sleuth and a constable were injured in the exchange of fire during Amar’s encounter. Amar was on top of the police hit-list, followed by 14 other henchmen.
* Kartik aka Prabhat Mishra was arrested at Faridabad on July 8. He was being taken to Etawah by Kanpur police on July 9 when he tried to escape during the transit. As per IG (Law and Order) Uttar Pradesh, Jyoti Narayan, Mishra snatched police pistol and fired at two policemen who suffered injuries. In retaliation, police fired upon him and he was later pronounced dead in the hospital.”
* Bahua Dubey was killed in an encounter in Etawah on July 9 by Etawah police. Bahua had a bounty of 50,000 on him. SSP Etawah Akash Tomar narrating the sequence of events leading up to Bahua’s encounter said that Bahua, along with three men, was trying to steal a Scorpio car on the highway near Mahewa Police Station Bakewar. He and his men were eventually intercepted by the police and Bahua was severely injured in the crossfire started by the criminals. The other three men had managed to escape. Bahua was brought to the hospital where he was declared dead.
* Vikas Dubey: On July 10, police said that Vikas was being taken to Kanpur from Ujjain, where he was arrested. On the way, due to heavy rains, one of the car in the convoy went off road and tumbled. The police said that following the accident, Dubey tried to escape but was gunned down by the police personnel.
Ten arrests
* Bikru village, July 6: The police arrested two women on July 6. Amar’s mother, Kshama and Vikas Yadav’s maid, Rekha for assisting Vikas in spotting and shooting down cops during the July 3 ambush.
* Faridabad, July 7: Three were arrested on July 7 in a late-night operation which proved to be a big success for the police. Ankur, his father Shravan along with Prabhat alias Kartik were arrested after Police raided a house in Faridabad’s Kheli Pul area. Faridabad police initially suspected that Vikas Dubey had spent some time at this hideout. CCTV footage showed a man who resembled the gangster at a Faridabad hotel. He did not check-in when a staff member of the hotel had insisted on an identity card with a clear photograph. Four weapons, including two 9 mm pistols belonging to the police, and 44 live cartridges were seized in Faridabad.
* Kanpur, July 8: Three were arrested. Shyamji Bajpai, also known as Shyamu, who was known to be a key aide of Vikas Yadav was arrested in the Shivli jungles, where he was taken to unearth Vikas Dubey’s hidden ammunition dump along with co-accused Jahan Yadav and Sanju Dubey. When in the jungles, Bajpai suddenly dug out a hidden pistol from a ditch and opened fire at the police team. When he was fleeing, Bajpai was shot in the leg and nabbed. A pistol of .315 bore and several cartridges were recovered, said the police officials.
* Madhya Pradesh, July 8: Two arrested. Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) detained Vikas Dubey’s brother-in-law, Raj Nigam, alias Gyanendra, from Madhya Pradesh Shahdol district on July 8. Nigam’s son, Adarsh, had been picked up days ago but the arrest wasn’t made public until after his father was detained.


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