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Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes feels like a Winds of Magic do-over


The quarrelsome Ubersreik Five are off on a new bloodsoaked adventure next week, with the launch of Vermintide 2’s latest expansion: Chaos Wastes. This trip into a realm warped by dark gods won’t feel entirely unfamiliar if you’ve played its predecessor, Winds of Magic, but that’s also given developer Fatshark an opportunity to address some of the criticisms of the beastmen-themed expansion. And crucially, this time it’s entirely free. 

Despite the absence of a price tag, it still seems pretty substantial. Unlike Winds of Magic, there’s no new faction, but there is another new game mode, and within that mode are the greatest treasures of all: new maps. A lot of them, too. As you make your pilgrimage to the Citadel of Eternity in search of divine power, you’ll encounter 15 new areas, rich in Chaos and, once you’re through, corpses.  

All of these locations are specific to the ‘roguelite’ Chaos Wastes mode, though they don’t look worlds apart from the places you’re probably used to slaughtering rats in. There are caves and forests and ruins a plenty, but the ominous lighting and signs of Chaos ensure they feel distinct. And it will surely be a nice change of pace for veterans to not know exactly what’s around each corner. It’s probably going to be more rats, but you never know!

(Image credit: Fatshark)

Your objective in each of these locations is what it always is: kill loads of shit and get to the end, with occasional breaks to fight tougher enemies or endure waves of them while you wait for a gate to open. Most of the time, you’ll be doing stuff you’ve done countless times before, but those things are still a lot of fun. The more dramatic change comes instead from the roguelike-inspired systems and the magic of the Chaos gods themselves. 

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