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Valorant tries yet again to make Viper good in latest patch


I haven’t checked in on Valorant in a few months now, but it’s not surprising that Riot still doesn’t quite know what to do with Viper. The toxin-based Controller agent has always been an awkward fit on a team due to her unique fuel mechanic, and an upcoming patch will once again rework her abilities in an attempt to make her viable in the meta. Currently, Viper can place reusable vision-blocking walls and smoke grenades, but they only last as long as she has fuel. Managing her remaining fuel can be a chore when you’re also trying to coordinate with teammates and shoot straight.

To make Viper more worth the effort, Riot is adding even more bite to her toxic clouds and making her smoke grenade more maneuverable. Also under the microscope are Yoru and the Bucky shotgun, both of which Riot is buffing to be more effective in their intended situations. The Bucky change is particularly interesting, as the primary spread fire is tightening up to more closely match the ranged alt fire.

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