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Upcoming Chrome OS feature puts important files just a click away


Are you tired of hunting for your files? Let’s be honest: diving deep into a labyrinth of folders to find essential files is super frustrating. Using the files manager’s search function is cumbersome, and, if you’re like me, you’re probably annoyed how much valuable time is wasted clicking and searching. The developers at Google realized that people care about getting their tasks done efficiently, so they tackled the clicking problem head-on to see if they could limit the number of clicks people make to get to their important files. We finally have an early preview of their solution.

Spotted recently in the Chrome OS Canary channel, Google is experimenting with a new feature that it internally calls Holding Space. Holding Space aims to increase your productivity by providing users quick access to their screenshots, recent downloads, and pinned files through the Chrome OS shelf. Here’s a look:

An early look at Holding Space

It’s easy to pin a file to the shelf. In the video, I right-click one of my PDF documents from inside the file manager, then select “[Needs | 10n] Pin to Shelf” (definitely placeholder text) in the context menu to pin the file to the shelf. Clicking on the Holding Space button on the bottom right portion of the screen launches a shelf widget that shows an overview of your pinned files, recent downloads, and screenshots.

None of the buttons are working in Holding Space right now, which is a bummer, but it has the potential to be an enormous time-saver for my workflow. As a student, I am continually downloading lecture notes and assignments from my professor’s class portal. Before this update, it took an excessive number of clicks to find my files, like opening my documents folder, my school folder, the chapter folder, then to my lecture notes folder, so on so forth. But with Holding Space, I can pin my essential documents from the file manager to the shelf so I can quickly jump back to the file, saving me an enormous amount of clicks.

Holding Space is still very early in development and has a long way to go before it reaches to all users, so we don’t know its full potential yet. But what we do know is Holding Space is going to be a game-changer. Imagine this: if you’re downloading several files at once, you can easily find your downloads in Holding Space. If there’s a screenshot or a few photos in Holding Space, you can drag your photos from Holding Space into your document, saving you from another click.

It’s clear Google is trying its best to make Chrome OS more productive and capable than ever before. I’m excited to see Google continue to make iterative improvements into Chrome OS to make it a better platform choice for everyone.

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