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UP Govt in 2018 told Court: No one dares to depose or file case against Vikas Dubey due to his fear


New Delhi: Before Vikas Dubey managed to secure bail from a higher court in 2019, the Uttar Pradesh government had successfully argued before a Kanpur court in 2018 that he should not be let out on bail as he was a dreaded criminal and “due to his terror and fear, no person dares to depose or file a case against him.”

Dubey, pleading for bail then before the Special Judge (Gangster Act) in Kanpur, contended that he was a “respectable person with a prominent standing in society”, that he ran no gang and was not a gang-leader and claimed that cases had been foisted on him due to political pressure and to spoil his political and social image as he had been a Gram Pradhan thrice and a Zila Panchayat member. He was denied bail then but secured bail for a higher court later. The UP Police is now probing why Dubey’s name was still not included in the Top 10 Criminals list of Kanpur by the then SSP Anant Dev though the police in 2018 had booked him under the Gangsters Act and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act and even charge-sheeted him for the same in 2019.

ET accessed the court order dated July 5, 2018 in which Special Judge Achal Sachdev denied bail to Dubey citing the seriousness of the charges against him. “Under the law, in a case where the prosecution opposes bail, the court must satisfy itself before enlarging the accused on bail whether he has not committed the crime and if there is no possibility of him committing a crime while on bail,” the court noted in its order, adding that the list of crimes like murder and assault in the ‘gang chart’ of Dubey were extremely serious. The UP government told the court that multiple cases of heinous crime were pending against Dubey and he was a gang leader. Dubey however pointed out loop-holes in each of the cases against him, saying they were false.

“I have been working with all my strength for the welfare of people of my region. Police books me in cases merely to show its good work,” Dubey contended. Later in 2019, he challenged the proceedings under the Gangsters Act before the Allahabad High Court as well asking for the entire set of those charges to be quashed. “The contention of counsel for the applicant (Dubey) is that the entire prosecution story is false and fabricated does not occurred in the manner as alleged by the prosecution and applicant has been falsely implicated in the present case. He pointed out certain documents and statements in support of his contention. Considering the submissions made by the learned counsel for the applicant and perusal of material available on record. I am of the view that matter requires consideration,” said the High Court in its order dated December 20, 2019.

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