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How are you Bloggers @ licensetoblog? Well, well, well… You can’t imagine how eager we were to add to our list of illustrated maps, this map of the United States. Surely you have seen many out there, but one as beautiful as ours? It is difficult, right?

Map of United States @ License To Blog

It is clear that we love to travel and that each country in the world has its own particular charm. For this reason, we got down to work to capture on a map of the United States all the charms of this country. We wanted to see at a single glance, all that the United States has to offer to any passionate about travel, and seeing the result, it is clear that it is a lot.

We started reviewing the map of the United States in the west of the country. If you have our guide to the West Coast, you will already know that we are in love with it, right? Therefore, this map of the United States could not miss the Golden Gate or the Hollywood sign, although if you want to see both in more detail,  map of Los Angeles and map of San Francisco. And what about states like Nevada, Utah, and Arizona? During our trips there we have lived unforgettable moments. California It is beautiful, but these are not far behind.

Another of our favorite trips and that we are wanting to repeat as a family is that of route 66, what’s more, with its corresponding map of the area. It is one of the trips through the United States that allows you to get an idea of ​​what the country really is like. Notice that it begins in Chicago, in the state of Illinois, followed by Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally, California. Can you imagine the contrasts that can be seen going through each of these states, with such different climates and circumstances between them? It is amazing to be able to see, on the same trip, Lake Michigan, the arch of Sant Louis, the desert area of Albuquerque, or the beach of Santa Monica.

The east coast of the United States is not far behind (not at all). Florida was one of the states we visited long ago. The truth is that we had a great time in Miami, so much so that we already want to repeat and incidentally, visit its surroundings.

Further north in the country and in the eastern area, we loved visiting cities like Philadephia or Washington, the capital of the United States. If something is clear, it is that we cannot talk about the map of the United States without naming our favorite city: New York. See if we are passionate that we have dedicated a multimedia guide to New York for her alone. In it, you can see much more than the characteristic Statue of Liberty that is drawn on this map of the United States.

When will we finish visiting the United States?

We must admit that when we saw this map of the United States finished, we immediately began to devise new trips. We can’t wait to visit Alaska, the Oregon area, Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming. Can you imagine how nature can be there?

On the other hand, in the photo album of any “American lover” you can not miss a selfie on Mount Rushmore, a route following the Mississippi River, or a visit to the birthplace of icons such as Elvis, or Louis Armstrong or Martin Luther King, right? Come on, there is a long way to go if we want to cross out states pending visit on this map of the United States …

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Well Bloggers @ licensetoblog, we hope you liked this map of the United States (and made you dream) as much as we do. We are looking forward to traveling again, as that will mean that the situation will improve by far. And while we are traveling, it would be cool to see such fantastic places as you can see on map, would you like to travel in luxury limo? If yes limo service Castle Rock is the best option, and limo lux is a best company in Denver, Colorado. 

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