Unique Experiences Only In Dubai


Dubai ranks high in being one of the must visit tourist destinations in the world. The presence of high rises structures, a plethora of malls, serene beaches, and unique island getaways, forms just one part of the whole Dubai tour experience. There so many other things this place has to offer to its tourists that goes above and beyond.

If you are looking to explore this happening destination from a whole new perspective apart from the famous attractions then we have a solution for you. Given below are some rare and unique experiences only in Dubai:

Sunset from the World’s Tallest Structure

Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa – the 122 floors, world’s tallest building. Witnessing the sunset on the unending horizon with the sky changing its colors gradually is a sight to behold. Do not forget to get a camera to capture these moments.

The peace during this time is one of the most tranquil and unique. You will also be able to see the earth’s curvature from the top which is quite breathtaking. This will truly be a magical moment and will be the highlight of your trip to Dubai.

Sky Diving Over Palm Island

Sky diving has become a common adventure sports activities and Dubai is a well-known destination for it. By taking a leap on the wide-open skies and free falling on top of the vast ocean and getting an aerial view of the palm island will be one of the most interesting and fun things you do here. feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins and a heavy dose of adventure in this dynamic fun middle eastern tourist destination.

Seaplane Experience

Fly high over the unique landscape of Dubai and get a tour of the city from the seaplane. A great way of exploring the city from above and it adds a sense of thrill to your travel plans. This is one of the most underrated things to do in Dubai and should be known more due to the one of a kind feeling it offers. The best of outing for people of their honeymoon, or traveling with family.

Fun At Ferrari World

Located in Abu Dhabi this is mostly an indoor amusement park and as the name suggests it is entirely Ferrari branded. It houses the world’s fastest roller coaster and holds the record for the largest space-frame ever made. This magnificently thrilling theme park is one of the best ways of spending time and having fun with your family simultaneously.

You can race cars here, experience the drop from the top, go on the highest roller coaster loop and so much more. Every step of the way you will be greeted with one unique ride after the other which will make your holiday in Dubai completely worth it. Dubai tour package plays a vital role in enjoying all such beauties of this magical wonderland.

Experience Traditional Dubai

A visit to the famous and a must visit destination of Dubai in Souk Madinat Jumeirah will make you have a closer look at the traditional life and culture of the locals in Dubai. This place houses hundreds of eateries and restaurants along with several shops for a plethora of items making it a shopper’s delight.

All you have to do is eat, shop and click pictures of the canals and the view of Burj Al Arab from here. you can also go on a fun boat ride here that will take you through this magnificent location more deeply.

Desert Camping

This is probably one of the most unique and interesting ways of spending your vacation in Dubai. You will be sleeping under the glittering stars, inside a tent amidst the never-ending desert cover. You will be able to have a fun barbeque time here along with going on camel and jeep rides.

Trust me when I say that you may visit several malls anywhere but this type of time spent will remain etched in your memories forever. You can also avail some camel ride and jeep desert tour which will only add on to your fun list of Dubai.

Indoor Skiing

Have you ever imagined skiing inside the confines of a large park? It is possible in Dubai. Being home to some of the most fun tourist-centric places of visit Ski Dubai allows you to slide through the snowy slopes created inside.

Here apart from skiing you can even snowboard and even camp overnight. The best part here is the visit to the cute penguins here which feels amazing since you don’t expect to see a happy penguin in the middle of desert terrain.

Aquarium Dive

Yes, you read that right. There are a lot of crazy fun things to do in Dubai but this is truly off the charts. If you have ever wished for swimming with the sharks and explore the aquatic life in a closer manner then dive to this gigantic aquarium which is situated in Dubai mall.

The 10 million liter tank is home to a colorful selection of water-based animals and is one of the most unique experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Don’t worry about the safety there will be instructors who will guide you through it.

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