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Different Types of Car Speakers For The Best Sound Experience 

Car Speakers

There is no better feeling than driving down the highway with the entire weekend laid out ahead of you and playing the best songs on your car speakers. Certainly, you will look forward to hearing your favorite songs in your infinity speakers with the best sound quality possible, but sometimes your standard car speakers may not do it for you. Here is why we are here. 

To experience the sound that ideally suits your needs, you will have to decide on which car speakers will work best. There are two kinds of speaker systems that you need to consider for your cars with a number of varieties to consider. Component speakers and coaxial speakers. Here are some of their differences.

  • Volume
  • Customisation
  • Affordability
  • Sound quality

Types of car speakers

The car speakers available in the market are divided into two primary categories – component speakers and coaxial or full-range speakers. Here, we have compared both the type of speakers to help you pick the best one for you and the audio system of your car. 

Component speakers

If you look forward to experiencing the best possible sound from the JBL subwoofer or your car speakers, make sure to consider component speakers. These are speakers with multiple drivers and superior design for optimal sound quality. 

Just like 6×9 speakers, every driver remains designed to operate within a specific range of frequencies. These components are usually created from metal materials as compared to coaxial speakers, thereby enabling them to produce dynamic and detailed sounds. Having a component speaker system can help you mount drivers in various areas throughout your car so that the sound will have greater clarity and depth. 

The crossover network of a component speaker is external from the subwoofer 6×9 and tweeter, therefore the internal components can be of higher quality, thereby ensuring delineation between The frequencies transferred to the different drivers. 

Coaxial speakers

Also known as full-range speakers, coaxial speakers can help you replace your factory speakers readily without trouble with a 12-inch subwoofer as well. These are the most popular type of speakers on the market and consist of all the car speaker elements in one, with the best subwoofer for low bass sounds and tweeter for better notes. 

Some coaxial speakers also come with mid-range and super tweeter drivers. They are accessible at every price point and power range. These car speakers come in numerous dimensions to fit into the factory speaker locations of your car. You simply need to remove your old speaker and add new car speakers mounted and connected. 

Other Kinds Of Car Speakers

Here are the other kinds of drivers or car speakers used in the audio systems of an automobile: 

  • Midbass: These are versatile speakers that reproduce its sounds with the mid to low frequencies such as lower of the vocals or bass drums. They come in sizes of 6.5 to 8 inches and come with various functions in full range and component systems. 
  • Subwoofer: Subwoofers bring the lowest frequency sounds, thereby adding depth to music. A JBL subwoofer or a 12 inch subwoofer generally requires a power amplifier and an enclosure. The range in size from 8 to 15 inches.
  • Tweeter: Tweeters reproduce the best sound frequencies such as high hats and cymbals. They also provide detail and clarity to the instruments and voices. 
  • Mid range: Mid range car speakers reproduce frequency is within the middle of the audio spectrum that tweeters and midbass cannot reproduce with much accuracy and detail. The drivers range in the size of 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches. 

What are the features to look for while buying car speakers?

When shopping for car speakers considered these essential features to discover the best set for your car audio system: 

  • Power handling: It refers to how much power your speaker can handle. Therefore, if you own a low-powered car audio system then the speakers would not need to handle a lot of power and can carry a low power handling. But, if your system comes with a powerful external and the power handling system of the speaker needs to be near to the same power output of the amps. 
  • Sensitivity: When you power your speaker adequately, they produce optimal sound quality. Sensitivity refers to the sound amount that the speakers produce depending on the power supplied from the stereo. 
  • External crossovers: Component speakers generally used Pacific sternal crossovers for a clean separation within the frequencies sent to Tweeters and subwoofers. Such separation enables for clear sounds that are more efficient. 

With the right car speakers, you can improve your listening experience and make the music sound the way it’s meant to have listened to. Go ahead and install new speakers in your car in different sizes and types with the help of professionals as they can customize the space to fit it like you want. 

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