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‘Tyaag’ replaced by ‘bhog,’ oldtimers sidelined in TMC: Suvendu’s parting shot at Mamata | India News


NEW DELHI: Former Trinamool heavyweight Suvendu Adhikari, who joined the BJP on Saturday, unleashed a stinging attack on Mamata Banerjee‘s leadership in his parting shot.
In an open letter to the Trinamool workers Suvendu said that “an extremely deep rot and malaise” had set into the Trinamool Congress.
He released his open letter hours before he shared the stage with Amit Shah in Midnapore.
The Trinamool rebel did not mention Mamata Banerjee but launched a broadside against her.
“Neither West Bengal nor the Trinamool Congress is anyone’s fiefdom,” Adhikari said, adding that the party was not built in a day or with the contribution of one person.
Suvendu, who was unhappy with the organisational changes in the Trinamool, took potshots at Mamata for giving poll strategist Prashant Kishor a free hand in party matters.
“The very people, on the backs of whom the party was created, are now being sidelined, humiliated and outcast. In their stead, the individuals have now hired external assistance, people with no knowledge of ground realities, and no knowledge of the sacrifice it takes to work for a shared goal as ambitious as creating the West Bengal of our dreams,” he said.
Suvendu alleged that the TMC, which the ordinary people built brick-by-brick selflessly without any desires, is now filled with individuals who do not bother about anyone but themselves.
“Individuals who have no thought about anyone but themselves, who will take monetary compensation for their services and disapper as soon as the elections conclude. Individuals who do not have it in them to work selflessly. Individuals whose only question is what they will get and when they will get it. The concept of ‘tyaag’ (sacrifice) espoused by members like us has been replaced with the concept of ‘bhog’ (gratification) by the individuals who are now in charge,” he wrote in his letter.
“Political murders are continuing unabated. Illegal activities are continuing without pause. The sole objective of the party our people elected has now become to mislead, oppress, threaten and loot, all while claiming to be defending the Constitution,” the former TMC MLA from East Midnapore wrote.
“West Bengal is at a critical juncture as the people of the state are destined to make a choice in the 2021 Assembly elections that will impact them forever,” he said adding, “he is not leaving the Trinamool, but the Trinamool has left the ideals it stood for.”
Adhikari joined BJP at Amit Shah’s public meeting at Midnapore on Saturday, along with five more TMC MLAs and an MP from the same party. Two other MLAs from CPM also joined BJP during the meeting.
After Adhikari’s resignation from TMC, the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to provide him ‘Z’ category security.

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