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Two Old Gods are better than one in Hearthstone’s Dual Gods Mage deck


It’s around that time in Hearthstone’s expansion cycle where the best Hearthstone decks have found their footing. We’ve seen builds like Evolve Shaman and Miracle Rogue shoot into top tier territory, while classes like Hunter and Paladin continue to maintain sturdy win rates.

As reflected in Vicious Syndicate’s most recent Data Reaper Report, the meta has felt a little stale recently. This has just been addressed by Blizzard finally nerfing Edwin VanCleef and Boggspine Knuckles, but I’ve been actively hunting for a deck that feels more spontaneous and fun to play. It’s fair to say that Mage’s Highlander builds have been a respectable means of navigating the Ranked ladder for months, but this Dual God variant spruces up the decklist with four 10-drops (including two Old Gods), while managing to remain surprisingly competitive. 

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