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Tweet Buster: Is buying dividend stocks a bad idea? Plus, tips to get above average returns


NEW DELHI: Stock market bulls celebrated the whole of last week, with Sensex and Nifty moving within arms’ reach of their all-time highs. Clarity on the US election front also enthused market participants, but top market honchos are left surprised about global markets’ ignorance of the rising Covid cases.

However, they believe focusing on the right investment strategy always pays off, irrespective of the market mood. So, in today’s edition of Tweet Buster we go through investing gems from top market mavens and their stock recommendations.

Stay put, don’t get greedy
A lot of investors who opt for fixed income products are frustrated with low interest rates and often wonder what they should do. Edelweiss AMC CEO Radhika Gupta has a very simple solution. She doesn’t recommend other asset classes, rather says that for the time-being, one must accept the reality and not get greedy.

In quest for safety
In a bid for safer investing alternatives in the equity space, a lot of investors bet on high-dividend paying stocks but Aveksat founder Aveek Mitra believes that a high dividend yielding stock is a bad investment in a growing economy like India. He believes that if you want safety for a portion of your capital then one should invest that sum of money outside the stock market. “Invest only that portion of money in stock which you want to grow,” Mitra said.

Stick to your conviction
Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal and microcap investor Ian Cassel believe in the power of right research and say it always pays off.

Think for yourself
Microcap investor Ian Cassel believes that if you are looking for above average returns then the only way is to think differently from the crowd and to think for yourself. He says turn off the TV and the commentary from financial pundits.

Build patience
Cassel says the hardest skill set to develop is active patience. He defines active patience as diligently verifying your thesis and doing nothing until there is something to do.

Investment Idea
Sabharwal’s investing idea for 2021: Good quality real estate firms.

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