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Try this 5-minute ballet barre workout to tone your legs and glutes


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Whether you’ve been glued to a desk chair, your favorite armchair or the couch, you’ve probably been doing an awful lot of sitting — and, as a result, your workout routine might be slipping. That’s ok: All you need is five minutes to get your body moving, your juices flowing and maybe even feel a little more positive.

Fitness trainer and dancer Kaley Hatfield shares an easy — yet sweat-inducing — ballet barre workout that’ll get your heart racing using deceptively simple calculated movements.

“Ballet barre is such an amazing workout,” she tells Yahoo Life. “It really brings you back to the fundamentals of walking, standing—everything we need to do in everyday life.”

This particular workout focuses on strengthening and toning the legs and glutes while also working on the core and improving posture. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ballet barre at home — Kaley recommends the back of a chair or couch to use as your support.

Move 1: Plié, relevé and straighten

It might look simple, but you’ll definitely feel the burn! (Photo: Yahoo Life)

Start off in first position — knees together, feet turned out. Next, bend your knees — a plié. Then rise, holding one arm across your chest — a relevé — and finally, straighten. Keep pushing your ankles forward and squeezing your shoulder blades the whole time.

“Remember, we’re focusing on full body — strengthening the legs, the core and that posture,” Kaley notes. Do seven reps on each side.

Move 2: Straight leg with an abduction

Your hips will thank you. (Photo: Yahoo Life)
Your hips will thank you. (Photo: Yahoo Life)

With your legs together and feet pointed out, lean all the way over. Come up and lift and rotate your knees, opening up your hips. Keep your abs tight (they’ll also help you lift). This move works your hamstrings and glutes — just make sure to squeeze!

Don’t forget: Seven reps on each side.

Move 3: Parallel plié to kickback position

Your legs are really going to feel this one. (Photo: Yahoo Life)
Your legs are really going to feel this one. (Photo: Yahoo Life)

First, close your toes — first position parallel. Next, with everything facing front, plié, straighten and extend your arm while kicking your working leg back — just make sure not to hit anything behind you!

This move specifically targets the glutes. As always, just keep squeezing — and breathing. Do seven reps for each leg.

Move 4: Plié to passé

Sweating yet? (Photo: Yahoo Life)
Sweating yet? (Photo: Yahoo Life)

Start off in second position, with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed out. Plié, then take your arm up and bend your knee (your toe should tap the side of your knee) into passé. Then, drop with your feet facing outward and finally, lift. Make sure your standing leg is strong, and keep pulling up into your glutes. Seven reps on each side to go!

Move 5: Rond de jambe with plié

Rond de jambe means "all the way around." (Photo: Yahoo Life)
Rond de jambe means “all the way around.” (Photo: Yahoo Life)

You’re almost there! For the last exercise, start in a plié. Next, take your working leg in a semi-circle around your body — a rond de jambe. Make sure to drop with each turn and lift when back in starting position. Keep your supporting leg in plié.

You know the drill: seven reps on each side, and you’re finished!

Consider practicing on a yoga mat to ensure you won’t slip. This Gaiam mat is ultra-thick, so it offers your feet plenty of cushioning and support.

The extra cushioning is perfect for aching feet, knees and elbows. (Photo: Amazon)
The extra cushioning is perfect for aching feet, knees and elbows. (Photo: Amazon)

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