Travel Blog: Key Steps to Start


Just like wandering into new roads, travel blogging also gives ample opportunities to try new things, develop new things and live new experiences. But, if you are expecting an immediate fame on the Internet through blogging, then its time to clear this misconception out of your way. There is a huge tough way to step in encouraging a little challenge.

Following are the key steps to consider to start a travel blog website.

Plot out a suitable niche and name for your blogging website
Before you create a blog, you need to know what exactly you want to blog about and how you can distinguish your site from numerous other sites.

Even if blogging about the same topic, “travel”, you, for your unique travels approach, will appear different from other bloggers.

Take sufficient time and plot out how you and your travel perspective can appear unique. Travel bloggers mostly feel that the charisma of traveling lifestyle intersects with things like, attractive photography, delicious cooking, beautiful architecture, etc.

Therefore, whether you are a young or an old traveler, or whether you are up to catch your first flight or you are an experienced traveler, you can make your blogs about your particular profession or hobby that traveling lets you to derive pleasure from.

After determining the things that make you unique, it’s time to plot out a suitable niche and an eventual domain name for your website.

Make sure your domain name is easy and straightforward, easy to remember. Most importantly, it should not be close to any name similar to any existing blogging site.

Time to pick out a hosting service
After finalizing a domain name, it’s time to register the name. Pick out an inexpensive hosting service provider, that is built for WordPress with a single click installation option, like iPage, Bluehost or other register your domain name.

Also ensure that the hosting service can also provide you another handy website management tool. If you want your travel blog should run even more than a hobby, then single out a hosting service with unlimited customization and the ability to use widgets.

Install WordPress
WordPress has the most the richest users and resources. Most web hosting service, provides an easy option to install WordPress on their on-site control panes.

You only require to log in. Quite a few other hosting services might make you consult with them for the installation.

Single out a suitable theme
A professionally built customized theme can make your travel blog website stand out above the rest of other blogging websites. Moreover, themes are not only about creating an attractive layout, functionality is equally important.

Whether you want to be an image-focused blogger, or you want to upload lots of articles or would like to create video content, your customized theme will help your site to fit your blogging style. All themes don’t appear to be the same on all devices. Therefore, make sure that you create a responsive theme that can be accessed in any sized device with an ease.

Install Essential Plugins
Plugins are, you can say mini applications for your blogging website. Plugins make WordPress fantastic.

Get connected to social media
Once you are ready with your blog site, it’s time to spread it around the globe. Get connected to the social media, creating your new log ins on the top most social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Most importantly, use same username for all networks. Different usernames would be for sure confusing for the readers.

And now it’s finally time to start writing blogs
After walking through the above mentioned steps, now that you finally have your own travel blog website it’s time to start boosting your readers.

Go through the roof and start piling up your readers just by producing beautifully created and readable contents. Most preferably, post at least twice a week in your beginning state, to experience an increase in your first readers.

Don’t miss out to tag with suitable search keywords, and share them with your known ones. This would over the time develop and increase your following.

Most of all, things take time; but it’s worth to keep doing what you do and transform your experience into words.

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