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Total War: Warhammer 2’s WAAAGH! update makes it good to be green

Total War: Warhammer 2's WAAAGH! update makes it good to be green 2

I feel like I’m constantly reinstalling Total War: Warhammer 2. It’s quite big and my SSD is very small, but whenever I uninstall it to make room for other games, Creative Assembly just has to go and announce that it’s overhauled a race, released a new faction or finally reduced the wait between turns. Then it’s back onto the SSD it goes. This time it’s a big Greenskin update, a very large goblin and the promise of gastronomic experiments that have tempted me back.  

The Warden and the Paunch DLC chucks two more factions into the war over the New and Old Worlds. In the campaign, Eltharion the Grim and Grom the Paunch don’t participate in the race to control the Vortex, instead focusing on their old grudge. Nobody really gets along in Warhammer, but these guys really hate each other, so their main objective is to get some revenge. 

At first glance, Eltharion and his faction, Yvresse, have the most elaborate unique mechanics. To protect the high elves from invading orcs, Eltharion has to rebuild a fallen fortress and construct new buildings that unlock special units, defensive bonuses and new abilities, like the ability to capture and interrogate characters. Yvresse also has some magical protection thanks to an enchanted mist that grows in strength and can empower armies. At the peak of its power, it spreads all over Ulthuan, benefiting every high elf faction. 

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Grom the goblin, meanwhile, gets a big cauldron for cooking gross grub. Not quite as flashy, really. His whole deal is that he’s the biggest goblin, and he maintains his enviable girth by consuming vast quantities of disgusting food. He also gets advice from the decapitated head of his old shaman, who eggs him on, telling him to eat more and more until he’s strong enough to crush the elves.  

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