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Total War: Three Kingdoms—I’m on a mission to seize the throne as a devout pacifist


I’ve recently written two diary series for PC Gamer, and they both involved an enormous amount of killing. Well, I’ve had enough. No more swords. No more guns. No more leaking bags of skin at my virtual feet. From here on out, I’ll only be offering my enemies cake and presents. I’m going pacifist, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. 

To demonstrate my commitment to the non-violent path, I’m going to peacefully play what is by sheer weight of numbers the most violent series ever made, Total War. Specifically, I’m playing Total War: Three Kingdoms, for which Creative Assembly revamped many of the game’s secondary systems, lending elements like diplomacy, economy management, espionage, and character relationships far greater depth and nuance. 

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

My plan is to use these new-fangled mechanics to not-fight my way to victory. I’m not going to declare war on any other faction, nor directly attack their armies in the field. If I am attacked, however, I am allowed to defend myself. Otherwise, this would be a very short article.

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