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Top Tip to increase your Traffic through Translation with Linguation.com

Top Tip to increase your Traffic through Translation with Linguation.com 1

Increase your traffic fast by translating your blog

Blogs and online articles are more and more popular. People of all ages are increasingly referring to online articles for information and ideas. These articles and blogs cover a wide range of themes and topics, with popular categories including fashion, food, travel, sports, business, health and lifestyle. Some of these articles are written for business and marketing reasons. Many are written by individuals or non-profit making organisations to provide support to people with particular issues, such as health and well being. Others are written for fun and entertainment. But whatever the motivation for the article, the writer needs to engage with the target readers through the content and a writing style which draws them back to read more.

Do you have a blog or a website with online articles? Perhaps you already have a successful blog with a lot of readers. That’s good, but could you reach a wider audience? Reaching a wider audience could allow you to provide more information and guidance to people in need. Alternatively, more traffic could allow you to provide entertainment to many more people. Financially, more traffic could mean more income through increased advertisements and sponsorship.  This last point is particularly important for those who are using blogging and content writing as a means of income. This is becoming more common with people looking for a career that allows one to work from home and have a flexible schedule to fit in with family and other commitments.

By offering your online content in different languages could be a quick and easy way to allow more people to access your work. Many people prefer to read articles in their native tongue, so if you only provide your article or blog in English, millions of people are missing out! If you provide your content in other languages, you open up your blog to a far greater audience. However, a word of warning, translation is best done by professionals for a couple of important reasons as outlined below:

Linguistic considerations and localization

There are many free translation websites available online however these can be a false economy. Although machine translation technology has advanced greatly, these are still not infallible. Many words have double meanings and translation software may choose the wrong translation for the relevant context, making the translated text meaningless. Moreover, you want to transmit your own personal writing style as much as possible, which only a human translation can do effectively. For example, a human translation is best at capturing a chatty writing style, ensuring that it is appropriate and natural-sounding to the target audience, helping you build that all-important relationship with your blog readers. Moreover, a human translation is needed to localize any content, that is, ensure that the content sounds familiar in the target language and make sure that there is nothing that could unintentionally offend, particularly important with slogans and idiomatic expressions. Linguation.com is an online translation agency that offers professional translation of your website content, however short, at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Linguation.com has a worldwide team of skilled linguists and the agency will assign a translator with the particular knowledge of the specific target country. For example, Brazilian Portuguese differs from Portuguese used in Portugal or in Portuguese-speaking African countries.  Spanish in Spain differs from Spanish in Mexico. For this reason, it is important that any translator has linguistic knowledge of the target country and thus Linguation.com will take care to ensure this when arranging translation of youryour blog. Moreover, Linguation.com will allocate a translator with the relevant subject knowledge to ensure that your blog, whatever the topic, is translated using the correct and appropriate up-to-date terminology.

Search Engine Optimization

Even if you have a perfectly translated blog, you are not guaranteed more traffic if it is not listed in search results. A good translation agency will assign a professional with knowledge of search engine optimization in the country of the target audience. For example, Linguation.com appoints professionals who are up to speed with the preferred search engines of particular countries and have knowledge of any filtered words. For this reason, any translated blog or online article will be not only linguistically correct and fully localized but will ensure a high ranking in search engine results. More information about affordable translation by Linguation.com may be found at: https://www.linguation.com/en/

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