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This page contains information on essential Tips and Tricks to make you a better Ranger in Wasteland 3. Though the Arizona Rangers may be out of their element in Colorado, you can even the odds as long as you remember important tactics, tricks, and strategies to bring justice – or chaos – to the land.

  • Containers can sometimes be hard to spot in the dense clutter of debris or rooms filled with non-interactive objects. It can be even harder when they are wedged into a corner, so be sure to constantly rotate your camera when investigating an area for loot – leave no stone unturned!
  • Remember to highlight an area for containers using Left Shift on PC or L2 on consoles.
  • When presented with a Skill Check, the character in your party that meets the requirements will be the one to interact. Since you can have up to 6 characters in your squad, consider diversifying Social and Exploration Skills so you have a man or woman for the job.
  • Ammo is fairly scarce early on in your adventure – try to make sure each member of your party specializes in a different type of weapon to spread your ammo around. You can also specialize in one skill with multiple options – like a Character good with Small Arms that uses both pistols and shotguns.
  • Success in a Skill Check (like speech checks, lockpicking, and hacking) will grant you a fair bit of experience. A designated lockpicker will have plenty of chances to gain free experience, and combined with high Charisma will let them level faster, and high Intelligence to gain more Skill Points per level – at a much faster rate than the rest of your party.
  • If you need to attack something or someone while not in combat, you can trigger an attack by pressing Left Ctrl (just remember opening fire on civilians or people who haven’t yet become hostile may have consequences!)

  • Think carefully when taking preemptive measures to attack people who aren’t hostile, or using weapons like shotguns or flamethrowers in crowded areas where civilians are caught in the cross-fire. While your Rangers are ready to follow you into hell, certain companions abide by moral codes and will warn you if you’re steering down the wrong path, and may leave or even turn on you!
  • If your party is unable to disarm a trap, or cannot reach it safely, consider just attacking the trap with a ranged weapon to trigger it remotely.
  • There’s often multiple solutions to every problem, but some of them may make certain factions unhappy with your actions – be warned!

  • You can find rare Skill Books that automatically raise a character’s skill by 1. Consider saving them – either for when you run into a scenario where you’re just under the required skill check, or for when the skill costs more points to level up, making them an even better investment.
  • Traveling the World Map of Colorado is full of random events. Some of them can be worth your while to interact with, so keep your eyes open. If side stuff bores you, consider raising your Survival Skill to skip them entirely.
  • Drugs are fun – until they aren’t. Some drugs have some pretty bad withdrawal effects after the boost wears off, but you can use the same drug again to automatically remove its negative effects… until its wears off again.
  • Debuffs will last for a certain amount of turns in battle, but afterwards will slowly tick down in realtime. Be sure to bandage up or cure those in need before they go down even after the battle ends, and you can also wait out non-lethal debuffs if you have the patience.
  • Even though you can only have a squad of 6 (4 Rangers and 2 Companions), you can gain additional temporary followers like animals, and other strange additions. However, you won’t be able to control these allies, so expect them to rush headlong into danger. You can still heal them up as needed, but sometimes they may be more trouble than they’re worth.
  • It’s worth having one or two character invest in Weapon and Armor Modding – though you only need one character to attach each of the mods for the rest of your squad if they meet the skill requirement. Unlocking the perk to gain mods from stripping weapons can be incredibly useful, and the right mods can help turn the tide in battle.
  • If you find something you can’t interact with just yet – like a toaster or computer, make a note to return later when your skills are more developed.
  • Making a choice that lowers your reputation with a certain faction may not be the end of the road, but it will likely take a lot more work to get back into their good graces.
  • Picking fights usually leads to more loot and experience, but talking your way out can sometimes provide you with hidden rewards you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.
  • Save often! You never know where a decision may lead – and while some choices don’t reveal their consequences until later in the game, you may find that certain conversation topics can either avoid a big fight, or just make them all the more pissed off.

  • Always try to scout out the location of an upcoming battle before the fighting begins – if possible. Sometimes you may find a good vantage point to start from, or alternate routes that let you gain the upper hand.
  • Similarly, always try to be the first to engage in a fight. If you’re spotted or ambushed, you may not have the first turn unless your speed and initiative are high. Look for the rings of awareness around enemies and position your team near cover before having someone make the first move.
  • Having a character with a high Sneaky Shit skill allows you to move longer in their line of sight before the battle begins – which can give you time enough to get off a good first hit or set off a trap before the enemy can react, and deal extra damage while they remain unaware.
  • If you don’t see the red circles marking an enemy’s line of sight as you draw close – you may have to get drawn into a cutscene of a conversation before the battle really begins.
  • Many arenas may have objects that can be targeted to aid you – explosive barrels, generators, and similar hazards, just make sure the enemy doesn’t use them on you.


  • Moves and Abilities can help raise your Strike Meter, which will quickly fill up one of your attacks in blue – to be used to devastating effect when fully charged. Single Precision Shots can target different body parts for different debilitating effects – and you can even target things like fuel tanks on flamethrower users!
  • Try to have your characters wield weapons with different Action Point costs – this will give you more options in battle, as swapping between things like a Sniper Rifle (6AP) and a Revolver (3AP) won’t cost any points.
  • If your enemy is entrenched, or bristling with melee weapons, consider having your team wait and use the Ambush as a final option to strike during their charge. Flushing enemies out with grenades and molotovs can also help lure them to you.

  • Don’t neglect the Kodiak transport – it can be modified with tons of options and better weapons to be come a vital part of your team – and can even run down enemies that would normally give you trouble.
  • Make sure your team has a wide variety of items on their belt, ensuring that you can deal with a variety of situations both offensively and defensively.
  • Keep track of your abilities and perks – many weapons come with a built-in ability, and you can unlock more via perks to use in battle at the cost of some extra AP.
  • Certain abilities work well in tandem together – like a sniper marking a target so that another character can use a pistol ability to deal extra damage to marked targets, or setting someone on fire and using a melee ability that deals more damage because of it.

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